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Music from Thelma and Louise the movie

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"Little Honey" by Kelly Willis
Opening credits. Louise taking food and coffee to customers in the cafe. She calls Thelma to talk about their trip. 0:02
"Wild Night" by Martha Reeves
Thelma and Louise pack their stuff and get ready for the trip. Louise pulls up outside Thelma's house in the car. 0:06
"House Of Hope" by Toni Childs
Thelma and Louise ride in the car at the start of their trip. Thelma shows Louise her gun and explains that she hasn't told Darryl about their trip. Louise smokes in the car while Thelma pretends to. 0:08
"I Don't Want To Love You (But I Do)" by Kelly Willis
Thelma and Louise enter a crowded bar. They take a seat at a table and Thelma orders a drink to Louise's surprise. A man (Harlan) flirts with them. 0:11
"Tennessee Plates" by Charlie Sexton
The band in the bar performs live. Harlan buys them a drink then they go and dance. 0:13
"Mercury Blues" by Charlie Sexton
Linedancing in the bar as the band performs live. 0:16
"Badlands" by Charlie Sexton
The band in the bar performs live. Thelma dances with Harlan and Louise tells her she's going to the bathroom. Thelma feels dizzy and Harlan takes her out for air. Louise can't see Thelma whilst Harlan assaults her. Louise shoots Harlan. 0:16
"I Don't Wanna Play House" by Tammy Wynette
After shooting Harlan, Thelma and Louise sit in a cafe trying to figure out what they should do but they argue. Thelma goes to the bathroom. 0:24
"Part Of You, Part Of Me" by Glenn Frey
Louise calls Jimmy and asks him to wire some money but she can't tell him what's going on. Thelma sunbathes but Louise tells her to get in the car. 0:29
"The Way You Do The Things To Do" by The Temptations
Thelma and Louise sing along to the song in the car as aeroplanes fly overhead. 0:43
"Kick The Stones" by Chris Whitley
Thelma and JD make love in the apartment. 0:59
"I Can't Untie You From Me" by Grayson Hugh
The next day Louise and Jimmy have coffee in a cafe. Jimmy's taxi arrives, he gives her a ring and they kiss. He leaves. 1:01
"Drawn To The Fire" by Pam Tillis
Thelma enters the cafe and tells Louise about last night with JD. They rush back to the apartment to check the money. /64/ 1:04
"Thunderbird" by Hans Zimmer
Louise sits in the car smoking outside the market. 2 old women stare from a window. Thelma comes running back shouting that she should drive. 1:10
"No Lookin' Back" by Michael McDonald
After the police view the robbery tape, Thelma and Louise cruise in the car and Louise asks Thelma if she's found her new calling. 1:12
"Don't Look Back" by Grayson Hugh
Thelma and Louise enter a cafe. Thelma phones home but hangs up straightaway after Darryl says hello. 1:22
"The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan" by Marianne Faithfull
Thelma and Louise cruise through the desert at night with smiles on their faces. Thelma goes to sleep and Louise drinks liquor. Louise pulls over. 1:26
"Better Not Look Down" by B.B. King
Thelma and Louise cruise along bobbing their heads with the song playing on the radio. They come across the rude trucker again and pull into a rest stop with him. 1:44
"I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash
A weed smoking cyclist comes across the police man trapped in the police car. 1:49
"Thunderbird" by Hans Zimmer
Cornered by the police Thelma and Louise decide to keep going and drive into the canyon. Song continues into end credits. 1:59
"Part Of You, Part Of Me" by Glenn Frey
2nd song in end credits. 2:01

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