There's Something About Mary

Music from There's Something About Mary the movie

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"There's Something About Mary" by Jonathan Richman
Opening credits. Jonathan Richman finishes the song off playing a guitar in a tree. 0:00
"How to Survive a Broken Heart" by Ben Lee
Mary arrives to school on her bike. Ted talks about her with his friends. Warren tries to find his baseball. 0:04
"Mary's Prayer" by Danny Wilson
Ted arrives a Mary's house on prom day and knocks on the door. 0:09
"(They Long to Be) Close to You" by The Carpenters
Ted is distracted by 2 birds when using the toilet. 0:13
"Everything Shines" by The Push Stars
Shots of Miami. Sully and his dog pull up in the car and see Healy. Healy explains why he's here. 0:25
"This is the Day" by Ivy
Mary crosses the street and gives a man on a boat an apple watched by Healy. He follows her in the car to golf practice, getting lunch and meeting her brother at the beach. 0:30
"Speed Queen" by Zuba
Mary and her friends eat lunch. Mary outlines her ideal man while Healy listens in. 0:33
"True Love Is Not Nice" by Jonathan Richman
Whilst sitting on his bed Ted looks at an old picture of Mary. Jonathan Richman finishes the song off playing a guitar on the street outside. 0:39
"Get a Life" by John Cafferty
Ted talks to Dom in the bar about Mary. 0:42
"Hey Batter (Mary's Remix)" by Susan Sandberg
The hitchhiker tells Ted about his business. 0:57
"Ahora es Mejor" by Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Richman performs live as Mary and Healy walk and talk. Mary eats candyfloss. 1:01
"All These Days" by Bret Reilly
Dom and Ted riding in the car. Dom tells Ted he's lucky to be alive, then tells him he's dying and then about Healy. 1:11
"Is She Really Going Out with Him" by Joe Jackson
Mary kisses Healy on the beach and plays in the football game. He cheats against Warren playing checkers. 1:15

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