Tropa de Elite

Music from Tropa de Elite the movie

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"Morro do Dende" by MC Cidinho & Doca
Initial opening credits and the party scene. A police car arrives at the party. 0:00
"Tropa de Elite" by Tihuana
Title screen and further opening credits. 0:07
"Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M.
Matias kisses Maria at school. Matias and Maria enter the party by the pool. They dance with other partygoers and Maria sings along. 0:53
"Polícia" by Titãs
2nd song at the party. Matias and Maria kiss on the dancefloor. 0:55
"Tropa de Elite" by Tihuana
'Mission Accomplished'. Neto gets a tattoo. BOPE move through the streets. 1:30

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