True Romance

Music from True Romance the movie

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"Graceland" by Charlie Sexton
Opening credits. Clarence talks to a woman in a bar about Elvis. He invites her to see a movie with him but he declines. 0:00
"In Dreams" by John Waite
Clarence and Alabama eat pie in the cafe after the movie. Clarence asks Alabama about herself. 0:08
"Wounded Bird" by Charles and Eddie
Clarence puts on the music in the comic book store. He shows Alabama the comics. They kiss and make love. Alabama sits outside and Clarence notices she's outside. 0:10
"White Wedding" by Billy Idol
Alabama gets a tatoo and talks to Clarence about Drexl. 0:17
"Skinny (They Can't Get Enough)" by The Skinny Boys
Drexl talks with other guys. He shoots them and packs up the cocaine. 0:18
"Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley
Elvis (Val Kilmer) sings to Clarence as he splashes water on his face. 0:20
"I Want Your Body" by Nymphomania
Clarence arrives at Drexl's place and asks to speak to Drexyl about Alabama. A fight ensues but Clarence manages to pull a gun and shoot his way out. 0:24
"Little Bitty Tear" by Burl Ives
Clarence's dad locks up a gate singing along to the song and heads home in his car. 0:33
"I Need A Heart To Come Home To" by Shelby Lynne
Clarence and Alabama in Clarence's fathers' trailer. Alabama introduces herself as Clarence's wife. Clarence sends Alabama out for beer and talks to his dad. 0:34
"Chantilly Lace" by Big Bopper
Clarence calls Dick from a payphone and then puts Alabama on the phone. They end up making love in the phone box. 0:43
"The Other Side" by Aerosmith
Plays on the radio as Alabama and Clarence arrive at Dick's apartment. They go out for something to eat. 0:56
"Everybody Loves Somebody" by Ken Lane
Elliot talks on the phone to Lee Donowitz driving his car about Clarence and the drugs. Plays on Donowitz's car radio. 1:05
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" by The Shirelles
Virgil sits in Alabama's room holding a gun. He asks about the coke and Clarence. 1:10
"(Love Is) A Tender Trap" by Robert Palmer
Elliot gets pulled over by the police in his white sports car. 1:20
"Outshined" by Soundgarden
Floyd (Brad Pitt) smokes drugs as some guys with guns enter and ask where Clarence is. Floyd tells them. 1:33
"All The Way" by Jerry DelMonico
Donowitz snorts the cocaine to test it. Meanwhile the police get ready for the raid. Donowitz thinks it's too good to be true. 1:38
"Learnin' The Blues" by Jerry DelMonico
Still during the drug deal. Donowitz asks who both Alabama and Dick are. 1:41
"Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley
Elvis sings as Clarence goes to the toilet during the drug deal. 1:42
"Two Hearts" by Chris Isaak
End credits. 1:52

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