Van Wilder

Music from Van Wilder the movie

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"The Authority Song" by Jimmy Eat World
Van on the way to the auditions.
"At Auntie Tom's" by Fuzz Townshend
Background music in Van's room before Taj comes in to audition.
"How Does it Feel" by Sugarcult
The dean tries to move Van's cart.
"Makes No Difference" by Sum 41
Van's inspiration pays off and the basketball team is winning.
"We Got" by The Nextmen
Crossdressing party.
"My N*ggaz" by The Dark Half
Van gets scolded by dad.
"Things Are Getting Better" by N.E.R.D.
Strip club scene.
"V Groove" by Robb Vallier
Van gets idea for topless tutors.
"Bouncing Off the Walls" by Sugarcult
Topless tutors.
"Get a Taste" by Sprung Monkey
Van gives advice to a kid with an STD; plays again later as Richard takes his exams.
"Too Much, Too Soon" by Llama
Gwen prepares to go see Van.
"I'm a Fool" by American Hi-Fi
Van's naked mile run.
"Turn Me On" by Atomic Kitten
Taj and Naomi dance.
"Super Trouper" by Superchic[k]
Richard's lame party.
"Right Now" by Atomic Kitten
Roller-disco background music.
"Heartbeat" by Tahiti 80
Gwen arrives at Van's roller-disco part.
"Radio Song" by Swirl 360
Gwen walks Van to art class; later played when Gwen and Van sit in the penalty box at the ice rink.
"Bleed American" by Jimmy Eat World
Van and Gwen make a bet over hockey.
"Little Man (2002 mix)" by Sia Furler of Zero 7
Van gives Taj advice on the three things that win over a lady.
"Let it Go (Epic Club Remix)" by Kool De Sac/Miragee
Van's rave party.
"Walking On the Moon" by Daniel May
Van shows up to Gwen's parents' house.
"Jack, She's On the Ball" by Sugar Ray Norcia
First piece of jazz music in the background of Gwen's parents' house.
"Don't Look Now" by Patrick Tuzzolino
Second piece of jazz music in the background of Gwen's parents' house.
"Girl On the Roof" by David Mead
Gwen hitchhikes with Van.
"Rave Workout" by Brandon D'Amore
Van and the gang prank the DIK House.
"Do-Si-Do" by Sumack
DIK House eats Van's eclairs.
"Stumblin' In" by Suzi Quatro, Chris Norman
Taj's failed date with Naomi.
"Show Me" by Mint Royale
Gwen steals Van's transcripts; Taj runs outsides and says Van can stay in school.
"Never Going to Fly" by B·E·N·D·E·R
Milty dives for charity.
"You Get Me" by Michelle Branch
Van and Gwen have fought and miss each other.
"Saying Goodbye" by Sugarcult
Setting up decorations Van's next party.
"Start Over" by Abandoned Pools
Van confronts Gwen in the girls locker room.
"Blue Note"
Gwen and Richard exit their friends' party.
"All Out of Love" by Air Supply
A depressed Van sings this after he thinks Van's back with Richard.
"Stuck in America" by Sugarcult
Underage children are snuck into Van's party.
"Okay" by Swirl 360
Van's getting kicked out, packs his stuff.
"It's Like This" by Dante MacKay
Dance/electronic beat - Van looks in the hallway and sees his supporters; end credits song #2.
"Roll On" by The Living End
Briefly played before the Law Club enter Van's room to help him.
"Forgot Your Name" by Bird3
Van running late to final exam.
"Blind Spot" by Transmatic
Hawaiian-themed bash.
"Hello" by Sugarbomb
Van and Gwen kiss by the pool.
"Stand Up and Win" by Spymob
Outtakes, end credits song #1.

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