Music from Waiting... the movie

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"Callin' Out" by Lyrics Born
First scene, party.
"No Tomorrow" by The Blackouts
Opening credits, restaurant opening up.
"Habanera" Traditional Arrangement by Bizet by Jeannette Nicolai and the Compagnia D'Opera Italiana Orchestra and Choir
Monty explains the restaurant workers aren't gay.
"Moonshine" by The Rattlesnakes
Background music in Mitch's tour.
"Trojan Horse" by The Rattlesnakes
Background music in Mitch's tour.
"Gangsta Rap" by Adam Gorgoni
Instrumental rap beat that plays when Nick & T-Dog have the munchies.
"The Electric Version" by The New Pornographers
Afternoon shift starts.
"Days Turn into Years" by Reaching Forward
Floyd acts overly nice to Dean but then calls him a jagoff.
"Don't Let It Get You Down" by Spoon
Monty shows Mitch the difference between Serena and Amy.
"Battle Hymn of Republic" by Adam Gorgoni
Monty's speech about our forefathers.
"Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon
Dan hitting on Natasha.
"Fashion Fatale" by Read Yellow
The dinner rush.
"Here in Your Bedroom" by Goldfinger
Cal makes a phone call.
"Operate" by Peaches
Raddimus and Danielle look for a place to have sex.
"Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights" by Aqueduct
The one long shot from the kitchen to the bathroom.
"More Than Meets the Ear" by The Spin Doctors
Night winding down.
"Without Meaning" by Sunday's Best
Girls turn for ass-kicking.
"Inspection (Check One)" by Leftfield
First song of the second party.
"Hottie" by The High Speed Scene
Bishop gives Cal advice.
"Are You Ready" by Large Pro
Monty and Natasha move to the bedroom.
"Will My Lord Be Gardening" by Lilys
Dean tells Bishop he created his own penis-showing game by quitting the job.
"Frantic" (Roman Polanski Version) by Aqueduct
The music Mitch tells the guy to turn off so he can make his announcement.
"Open Casket Access" by The Blackouts
End credits.
"Nick and T-Dog's P-H-Fat Rap" by Andy Milonakis and Max Kasch
Ending rap.

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