Wedding Daze

Music from Wedding Daze / The Pleasure of Your Company the movie

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"Inches and Falling (I Love Love)" by The Format
Opening scenes. Lingerie store with Anderson looking. 0:00
"With You Tonight" by Molly Pasutti
Anderson talks to the lingerie store worker. 0:01
"Ballata: Questa O Quella Per Me Pari Sono" by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Anderson arrives at the restaurant dressed as Cupid and he argues with Ted. 0:01
"Melancholy Moment" by Seyi
Anderson asks Vanessa to marry him. 0:06
"Must be You" The Sun
Opening credits. At Vanessa's funeral Anderson throws the ring on top of the coffin. Anderson quits his job, sells his car and bores some girl at a party with pictures of Vanessa. 0:06
"If Heaven Hadn't Sent Me You" by Julian Hernandez & Janice Wojeck
Anderson and Ted eat breakfast in the cafe and discuss Vanessa. He asks Katie, the waitress, to marry him. Charades with Katie, her boyrfriend her mum and step dad. She accepts Anderson's proposal. 0:10
"Brighter Discontent" by The Submarines
Katie and Anderson walk in the park and Katie talks about their first date. Anderson steps in dog poo. 0:20
"Women's Realm" by Belle and Sebastian
Anderson cleans his apartment and Katie gets her stiff to move in. Smitty gets a message in prison. 0:25
"Ice Cream" by New Young Pony Club
Anderson's parents have some fun with whipped cream. Anderson cleans his teeth and Katie tries to look sexy. 0:35
"Closer" by Peter Salett
Anderson and Katie have some trouble sleeping in bed together. Paper boy delivers the paper. 0:40
"Brand New Day" by Orba Squara
Anderson and Katie get off the bus and walk to Anderson's parent's house. 0:47
"Una Simple Mirada" by Matt Hitt & Francisco Rodriguez
Anderson's mum tells Katie that Vanessa and Anderson didn't split up and she died. 0:52
"The Fire Thief" by HEM
Anderson walk alone at night. Katie cries and eats ice cream with her friend. Anderson rides the bus and sits on the big tyre until Matador finds him. 0:54
"Santorini Taverna" by Matt Hitt
Anderson and Matador ride in the car and Matador gets Anderson to open his bottle. 0:58
"Love is a Game Two Can Play" by Francis MacDonald
The gang ride in the car that they're 'test driving' to Atlantic City. Katie's parents take off in the car after them. The gang stop at a rest stop. 1:02
"My Idea Of Heaven" by Leigh Nash
Plays in the background at the rest stop as Katie and Ted talk. Anderson gets attacked. 1:04
"Un Bel Di" by Compagnia d'Opera Italiana
Anderson's parents get a call from Anderson and tell some girls they have to go. 1:07
"Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" by Kenneth Springs
Katie's parents hold up a wedding supplies store. 1:08
"Love Today" by Mika
Everyone kisses after the wedding. Anderson carries Katie outside and they're met by the police. 1:19
"Inches and Falling (I Love Love)" by The Format
End credits. Shots of the cast being photographed in jail. 1:21
"Bright Side" by Lissie
2nd song in end credits. 1:25

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