Music from Weirdsville the movie

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"Struggle, Struggle, Struggle" by The Weber Brothers
A rat slips into a toilet and struggles to get out. Dexter (Scott Speedman) and Royce (Wes Bentley) smash a window. 0:00
"Stoned" by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
Opening credits. Dexter skates in the snow outside. 0:05
"It's Not My Fault" by Taryn Manning
Dexter remembers Matilda singing. 0:09
"Druganaut" by Black Mountain
Royce and Dexter arrive at the drive in and drag Matilda's body inside. Largely instrumental. 0:11
"Chicken Soup For The Fuck You" by Shout Out Out Out Out
The satanic cult arrive at the drive in and go inside. Instrumental. 0:13
"Uneasy" by Perfume Tree
Royce takes drugs next to the toilet as Dexter tells him they have to go to the hospital. 0:17
"Swagger" by Calla
Dexter sees the cult sacrifice some kid upstairs and runs back downstairs to get Royce. They try to get out another way. Instrumental. 0:18
"Anything" by Kinnie Starr
Matilda wakes up when the blood on the floor hits her. She jumps and attacks Abel and manages to escape through the door. 0:21
"Bandits" by Buck 65
Matilda runs outside chased by the cult. Dexter and Royce get out of their bonds and they all get into the car. 0:22
"Pinned Together, Falling Apart" by The Dears
As Dexter rides in the car he sees himself skating past the car. /31/ 0:31
"It's Not My Fault" by Taryn Manning
Treena puts in the CD of Matilda singing as the cult search the room. /34/ 0:34
"Struggle, Struggle, Struggle" by The Weber Brothers
Royce tries to open the basement door but can't. 0:39
"Orchids" by The Lovely Feathers
The sole green leaf on a bush dies as Dexter crashes into it with his car. 0:42
"Beautiful Nothing" by Danny Michel
Dexter lies in the mud and sees a dead rat floating. Royce makes his way through the trees. Royce comes back. 0:55
"Steal This Sound" by Constantines
The other midgets arrive in the car and they sort their weapons out. Instrumental. 0:59
"Into Ashes White" by Raising the Fawn
Matilda wakes up in the cult's car next to Jeremy. Matilda covers Abel's eyes as he's driving. 1:01
"I'm on Board" by The Ride Theory
The midgets in armour attack the satanic cult's car smashing it up. 1:02
"Rock Song" by The Canary Mine
The midgets celebrate in their car after smashing up the car of the cult. 1:03
"Nobody Calls Unless They Want Something" by Shout Out Out Out Out
Matilda talks to Jeremy in the bar. 1:07
"It Don't Matter" by Matt Mays and El Torpedo
Royce punches Jeremy outside the bar and they jump into a taxi and head for the New Age Centre. 1:15
"We Sweat Blood" by Danko Jones
At the New Age Centre. The midgets crash into Dexter's car and the safe flies through the window. 1:18
"To Get Across" by Kate Maki
Montage of Matilda, Dexter and Royce having fun. Continues into end credits. 1:21
"Sign Says" by These Three Cities
2nd song in end credits. 1:23

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