The Wendell Baker Story

Music from The Wendell Baker Story the movie

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"When I Paint My Masterpiece" by The Band
Opening scenes. Wendell (Luke Wilson) lies in bed as Doreen (Eva Mendes) tells him to hurry up. Wendell narrates. Doreen turns the radio off. 0:00
"Wanted Man" by Johnny Cash
Wendell drives and drops off Doreen in the car. 0:02
"I've Always Been Crazy" by Waylon Jennings
Wendell nudges a paper boy in his car. Title screen. He reverses onto the drive and greets Reyes. They leave with the motorhome attached. 0:04
"Garden Party" by Rick Nelson
Wendell tries to help a kid in the toilet but it gets misconstrued by the boy's father. He makes it back to the motorhome. 0:07
"Tres Delinquentes" by Delinquent Habits
Wendell and Reyes produce their fake ID's in the motorhome. Wendell tells them about his celebrity clients. 0:08
"Evening Gown" by Mick Jagger
Wendell arrives at prison in the bus. Wendell scores a basket in the exercise yard. 0:15
"Thank God" by Hank Williams
Wendell has fun with his fellow inmates. Doreen visits him in prison. 0:16
"Me & Paul" by Willie Nelson
Wendell leaves prison and Reyes picks him up in the car. 0:22
"Scarlet Begonias" by The Grateful Dead
Wendell ropes Reyes into his insurance scam. 0:25
"Ramshackle" by Beck
Wendell finds Doreen standing in the river and imagines kissing her. 0:26
"Love Is on a Roll" by Don Williams
Wendell gets served by Dave (Will Ferrell) in the grocery store and realises he's Doreen's boyfriend. Doreen enters the store and kisses Dave. 0:37
"Kiss an Angel Good Morning" by Charley Pride
Wendell goes back into the store and watches Doreen secretly. Another customer spots him. Dave asks him if can help him and then punches him. 0:39
"Waterfalls" by TLC
Neil (Owen Wilson) and McTeague (Eddie Griffin) sing the song after laughing at Wendell in their office. 0:45
"Settin' the Woods on Fire" by Hank Williams
Skip (Harry Dean Stanton) and Boyd buy beer and flirt with 2 girls in the shop. Wendell watches through the window. 0:51
"Every Grain of Sand" by Bob Dylan
Nasher, Skip and Boyd leave the retirement home after Nasher agrees to fly them. 1:45
"Aint Living Long Like This" by Waylon Jennings
Wendell is attacked by a woman with a shotgun. Wendell and the guys escape and get onto the plane. 1:11
"Best of My Love" by The Emotions
Plays on McTeague's walkman as he enters Neil's office to find Neil with an old woman on his lap. Brief instrumental clip. 1:12
"Promised Land" by Chuck Berry
Skip sings and plays the guitar on the plane. They land and everyone gets off. 1:13
"Little Bitty Pretty One" by Bobby Day
Skip and Boyd urinate in the car to get it to stop. They get out and trick Neil and McTeague. Wendell, Skip and Boyd escape in the car. 1:16
"Pearl Necklace" by ZZ Top
The girls pick up Neil and McTeague. Wendell reports them to the police as the girls are underage. 1:17
"Live Forever" by Billy Joe Shaver
Wendell working his new job as general manager of the spa. 1:24
"The Road & The Sky" by Jackson Browne
Doreen arrives at the spa in a speed boat and Wendell races down the beach to meet her. Continues into end credits. 1:27

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