Wet Hot American Summer

Music from Wet Hot American Summer the movie

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"Jane" by Jefferson Starship
Opening credits / scenes. Around the campfire. 0:00
"Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner
The kids sing to get Coop out of bed. 0:02
"Backwards from Three" by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren
Kids learn guitar, Katie teaches aerobics, McKinley and kids hike in the woods, experiment time. 0:13
"Wet Hot American Supper" by Craig Wedren
Abby grabs Victor telling him not to go. He tells her he has to but he'll be back tonight. The beekeeper talks on the radio until McKinely tells him he has to take a shower soon. 0:16
"Love Is Alright Tonight" by Rick Springfield
Some of the gang jump in the back of Beth's truck and head into Waterville. They browse the library, eat chips, smoke and buy beer. The drugs get harder and harder and they mug an old lady and end up in a drug den. They arrive back in camp. 0:29
"Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins
Victor sings as he races the van back to camp until he crashes into a tree. Abby lies on her bed and paints her nails as the radio plays. 0:35
"Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy
Neil steals a motorbike and chases after Victor. 0:37
"Day By Day" by Kathleen Pandolfo
Performed on stage in rehearsal until interrupted by an angry Susie. 0:54
"Higher and Higher" by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren
Gene teaches Coop how to perform. 1:06
"Day By Day" by Kathleen Pandolfo
The girls perform live at the talent show. 1:16
"Higher and Higher" by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren
The talent show gets windy. Coop and Katie get together. 1:21
"Wet Hot American Dream" by Peter Salett
1st song in end credits. Main characters. 1:28
"Summer In America" by Mr. Blue & Chubb Rock
2nd song in end credits. 1:29

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