What Happens in Vegas

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"Grace Kelly" by Mika
Opening credits. Opening scenes. Joy (Cameron Diaz) walks with her fiancé on the street. A girl selling 'cookies' knocks on Jack's (Ashton Kutcher) door. Joy walks to work and arrives. 0:00
"Can I Get Get" by Junior Senior
The gang in the limo. They argue and Joy and Tipper (Lake Bell) ask the driver to let them out. 0:13
"Licht Senkt Es Sich Von Himmel Nieder" from "Das Dreimaderlhaus" by Franz Schubert
In front of the fountains Jack talks to Joy from the sunroof of the limo and persuades her to come out for one drink. 0:14
"If You Love Me" (TG Remix)" by The Buzz Junkies (Feat. Elesha Moses)
Jack and Joy gamble at the tables and win. Joy shows Jack her party trick in the club. They generally have a good time together across Vegas. 0:15
"We Are the Champions" by Steve Murphy
Jack wins the jackpot on the slot machine. 0:22
"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate
Joy makes her way to work as Jack lounges about in the apartment. Joy works hard as Jack plays Wii. 0:32
"Love" by Matt White
Joy and Jack in the apartment. Joy eats popcorn and Jack fondles himself. He pours the popcorn into his pants. 0:36
"I Want a New Drug" by The Greenskeepers
Jack spikes Joy's milkshake thing by putting drugs in it. 0:40
"Never Let You Go" by Smoothie Steven Simon
1st song at the party at Jack's apartment. He calls to tell Hater who tells him it's a trap. 0:42
"She Talks Too Much" by CMD
2nd song at the party. Joy arrives home all smug and Jack's friends arrive. 0:43
"Raise a Little Hell" by Shiloh
3rd song at the party. Joy tells Tipper that the party isn't working and tells her to get some sluts over. Jack points out Joy to his friend. Joy and Jack explain to their friends what they have to do. 0:43
"Hustle Man" by Tyrant the Don
4th song at the party. Girls flirt with Jack as men ignore Joy. 0:44
"Commit Me" by Arlaner
5th song at the party. Strippers arrive. Joy and Jack end up in the bathroom to escape the party. 0:45
"Hit Me with Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar
Joys sings in the bath listening to her iPod. Jack steals her purse. /51/ 0:51
"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet
Jack skateboards past Joy in the taxi. She buys some oranges and throws them at him. Jack sits next to Joy on the tour bus. They race to get to the therapist first. 0:53
"Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)" by The Eels
Jack coaches his little league team. Joy and Jack seem to bond as they walk through the park. Joy bumps into Mason. 1:00
"One Love" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Jack talks on the phone to Hater at the dinner party for Joy's company. 1:08
"Get Down On It" by Kool & the Gang
The band perform live at the dinner party as Joy and Jack gamble. 1:11
"Flashdance... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara
Jack and Joy slow dance at the dinner after Jack wins an award. They kiss. They dance some more as the song builds up. 1:13
"It's Alright" by Asa Semple
Joy arrives back at work as Chong tries Joy's party trick unsuccessfully. Jack's back at work building a cabinet. Mason stops Joy in the street. 1:19
"Tonight I Have to Leave It" by Shout Out Louds
After the court hearing, back at the apartment, Jack's friend asks for Joy's number. 1:24
"Put a Record On" by Unkle Bob
Tipper tells Jack that she doesn't know where Joy is as she works behind the bar. 1:27
"I'm Not Over" by Carolina Liar
Jack borrows his friends car to find Joy. He races to the lighthouse and sees her walking along the beach. 1:28
"I Hate You (My Friend)" by John Oszajca
End credits. 1:33
"Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams
Clip in end credits. Tipper knocks on Mason's door and then punches him in the groin. 1:33
"I Hate You (My Friend)" by John Oszajca
After previous clip in end credits. 1:33

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