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"Things Have Changed" by Bob Dylan
Opening credits. 0:00
"Shoot Your Shot" by Junior Walker & The All Stars
Grady (Michael Douglas) arrives in the bar, sees Hannah (Katie Holmes) dancing and Terry (Robert Downey Jr.) and James (Tobey Maguire) in a booth. He sits down with the guys. The guys laugh at a James Brown looking guy. 0:33
"Need Your Love So Bad" by Little Willie John
2nd song in the car. Hannah asks Grady to dance. 0:35
"A Child's Claim to Fame" by Buffalo Springfield
The guys are chased by Vernon (James Brown lookalike) in the car. 0:39
"Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon
Grady and James ride in the car. James smells a joint and talks about his parents. 0:55
"Good Morning" from Babes in Arms (1939) by Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney
Plays on the TV as James sings along. 1:00
"Old Man" by Neil Young
James is driven away as Grady gets splashed. Grady shouts at the car and holds up James' bag. He smokes a joint and reads in his car. 1:10
"Waiting For the Miracle" by Leonard Cohen
Grady enters the house party and finds Hannah reading his manuscript upstairs. Terry shouts from downstairs. 1:11
"Philosophers Stone" by Van Morrison
Grady and Terry drive to James' house. Terry tells Grady how much trouble he's in. 1:14
"Glad to Be Unhappy" by Lee Wiley
Plays at James' house as Grady and Terry approach the house. 1:15
"Not Dark Yet" by Bob Dylan
Grady, Terry and James arrive at Grady's house. Grady gets a can stuck on his foot then heads upstairs where James and Terry are laughing and joking. Hannah has fallen asleep reading his book. 1:19
"Shooting Star" by Bob Dylan
Some kid listens to the song on his headphones as Grady throws some weed down to to him. 1:43
"Things Have Changed" by Bob Dylan
1st song in end credits. 1:46

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