You Kill Me

Music from You Kill Me the movie

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"Vengo! Vengo!" by DeVotchKa
Frank (Ben Kingsley) shovels snow and drinks vodka outside his house. 0:01
"Yesterday's Mistake" by Roscoe Shelton
Frank arrives in San Francisco to his new apartment. He pours a drink and sleeps until the phone rings. 0:07
"Lonesome Town" by Ricky Nelson
Frank drives an old couple home but they have to stop because the bloke needs the toilet. The lady tries to kiss Frank and they crash. 0:37
"Everybody's Here" by Brax Cutchin
Frank and Laurel at the bowling alley. 0:45
"My Happy Day" by Geraint Watkins
Frank shoots targets to practice. He practices tailing a man on the street and throws a knife into a melon. Laurel helps him and he trains her too. 0:53
"If You Know Love" by Molly Johnson
Closing scenes. Frank and Laurel walk down the street together. Continues into end credits. 1:24

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