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"Come Get It" by Yummy Bingham (Feat. Jadakiss)
Title screen. List of sections. i. Prelude. Largely instrumental. 0:07
"Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Bop)" by Scatman John
The First Date. Ken's ringtone. 0:07
"Make It Good To Me" by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings
The First Date. Jamie explains to Ken that she normally has more stuff in her fridge, she offers him a wine cooler. She explains why her teeth are so white. They kiss. 0:07
"Bra" by Cynmade
The Exes. Eric is impressed by Mia's place and she explains about the promotion. The kiss. 0:12
"Circleville" by JC Davis
The Couple. Andrew about to go down on Abby. The Roommates. Gord and Inez get ready for Dave. 0:18
"Cold Hands Warm Heart" by Brendan Benson
ii. Foreplay. The First Date. Jamie and Ken on the sofa. Ken doesn't say the right things. 0:22
"When I'm With You" by Sheriff
The Best Friends. Matt and Kristen decide they need some music playing. 1st song. 0:28
"Taj Mahal" by Sam Roberts
2nd song they try. Kristen says it reminds her of her ex. 0:28
"Secks 4 Free" by Braze (Feat. Lee Major)
3rd song they try and the one they settle on. Brief clip. 0:28
"Turn Out The Lights" "Fall Apart Again" by Peter Elkas
The Exes. Mia and Eric kiss and talk. They both agree that this is just for fun. 0:29
"Impact" by Aceyalone
The Best Friends. Matt and Kristen having sex on the bed. 0:35
"When I'm With You" by Sheriff
This song comes on but Kristen quickly changes it with the remote. 0:35
"Tent in Your Pants" by Peaches
This is the song she puts on. 0:35
"Moonglow, Lamp Low" by Eleni Mandell
The Exes. Mia and Eric kiss and talk while lying in bed. They talk about fault. 0:45
"Hands On Experience (Part II)" by The High and Mighty
The Best Friends. Matt masturbates as Kristen lies next to him. Kristen gets out of bed but Matt shouts at her. 0:53
"When I'm With You" by Sheriff
The track changes to this again until Matt changes it with the remote. 0:57
"Ride Clean" by JD Era
This is the song Matt changes it to. Kristen jumps back into bed. v. Orgasm. /58/ 0:58
"For Agent 13" by The Besnard Lakes
The Exes. Mia and Eric having sex. Matt thinks they should go faster and they do. They end up kissing each other lying down. 0:59
"Find Out" by Aceyalone (Feat. Riddlore)
The Best Friends. Matt and Kristen having sex with Kristen on top. 1:00
"When I'm With You" by Sheriff
The track changes again to the slow song but the remote is out of reach. 1:01
"Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Bop)" by Scatman John
Jamie's ringtone standing outside the lift. 1:08
"The Sun's Coming Up (And My Plane Is Going Down)" by Youth Galaxy
The Exes. Mia brings in the wine and asks if he's leaving. He says he has got to be up early for work. Awkward chat at the door. Matt leaves and they stand either side of the door. 1:15
"Lovertits" by Peaches
The Best Friends. Matt and Kristen lie in bed together. They both say how drunk they are. 1:18
"Count Down Our Days" by FemBots
This track comes on and Kristen asks him about it. She tells him that she loves the song. Continues into end credits. 1:18
"Bra" by Cynmade
2nd song in end credits. 1:21

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looking for the name of the song between the last songs of the film at the very ending, its a dance song. anyone knows it?
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