Zombie Strippers

Music from Zombie Strippers the movie

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"Choke" by Kazy
First scenes in the Rhino strip club. The marine watches as Kat performs on stage. 0:13
"Thunder in the Sky" by The Dirt Bombs
Lillith performs on stage with her chains. Some guy gets turned down when he asks for some private time with Jeannie. A guy likes Lillith so much he writes a cheque. 0:17
"Smother You" by Roxy Saint and Billy White Acre
Kat performs on stage as a zombie. 0:29
"Don't Kill the Star" by Roxy Saint
Lillith performs on stage again, this time as a zombie, with a lot of acrobatics. 0:40
"Choke" by Kazy
Jeannie performs on stage to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. 0:42
"Smother You" by Roxy Saint and Billy White Acre
End credits. 1:26

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