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Season 1

#1/2: ""We're Not in Kansas Anymore" / "The Jet Set""

"Viva La Vida" by Coldplay
Opening scenes. Shots of Beverly Hills. The Wilson's arrive in their mini van. Dixon complains in the car. 0:00
"Don't Let Me Fall" by Lenka
Annie and Dixon talk about Ethan in their pool at night. 0:02
"Time To Pretend" by MGMT
Annie and Dixon arrive at school. There's lots of flash cars. 0:03
"California Bound" by Carolina Liar
Ethan talks to Annie in school next to the lockers and explains that he's not that guy. 0:10
"Wannamama" by Pop Levi
Annie and Naomi talk at the Peach Pit. Annie offers to help her with her paper. 0:14
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring
Dixon try's out for the lacrosse team and plays well. 0:15
"What You Got" by Colby O'Donis
Naomi, Ethan and Adrianna arrive at a club. Naomi encounters Mr Matthews at the bar. 0:18
"Shut Up And Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings
Back at the club Ethan and Naomi argue. Adrianna picks up Naomi's bag. 0:21
"Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise) (from 'Spring Awakening')"
Adrianna performs on stage with others. Silver talks to Annie as they watch. Annie joins in. 0:28
"Pot Kettle Black" by Tilly and The Wall
1st song at Naomi's party, the band perform live. Silver, Annie, Dixon and Navid arrive. 0:34
"Beat Control" by Tilly and The Wall
2nd song at Naomi's party. Adrianna returns Naomi's purse. Harry talks to Tracy outside and finds out about his son. 0:36
"Chasing Pavements" by Adele
3rd song at the party. Naomi and Ethan slow dance and she asks him if he's cheating on her. Annie and Silver leave. 0:38
"Last Day Of Your Life" by Glass Pear
Montage. Kelly plays with her son. Adrianna pays her dealer. Ethan visits Naomi. Dixon tells Annie that Beverly Hills doesn't suck down at the beach. 0:41
"Coming Home" by The 88
Breakfast at the Wilson house. Dixon and Annie arrive at the table. 0:43
"Try It Again" by The Hives
The lacrosse team realises their rivals have played a prank by filling the school with rubbish. 0:45
"Touch Me (from 'Spring Awakening')"
Ty sings in a room as Annie overhears. 0:48
"Fly Away" by Jessica Lowndes
Adrianna sings in the classroom as she listens to her iPod. 0:49
"Never Gets Enough" by Luscious Redhead
At lunch Annie talks to Naomi and Kelly talks to Mr Matthews. The lacrosse team talk about revenge but don't include Dixon for obvious reasons. 0:49
"Young One" by Mackabella
Still at lunch Silver and Annie talk about Ty. 0:51
"Great DJ" by The Ting Tings
After seeing the video on Silver's blog Naomi slaps Ethan. 0:52
"Live Forever" by Brendan McCreary
Naomi and her friends talk at the Peach Pit. 0:53
"Lucid Dreams" by Franz Ferdinand
Annie phones her mum at a photo-shoot to talk about her 'hang' with Ty. 0:54
"Gravity" by Luscious Redhead
Annie calls Silver from outside Ty's plane to ask whether she should go with Ty to dinner. Silver insults Naomi and the Peach Pit. 0:56
"Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers
Mr Matthews asks Kelly out to dinner. She tells him about her son. 0:58
"Shake It" by Metro Station
Shots of San Francisco. Annie and Ty talk by the coast. 0:59
"Outlaw Mix 2" by Astronaut On Vacation
Brenda arrives back in time and hugs Kelly. 1:00
"Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
The team dress the pigs in shirts. Naomi and George drink together. They kiss. 1:02
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
Annie and Ethan talk by the swimming pool. They talk about Ty and being friends and reminisce about old times. 1:05
"Ain't We Famous" by Brendan's Band
Dixon listens to his iPod until his dad walks into his room to apologise. 1:16
"Daydreamer" by Adele
Ryan arrives at Kelly's house with flowers. He meets Brenda. 1:16
"I Always Knew" by Jem
Harry and Debbie lie in bed talking. Ty kisses Annie as Ethan arrives and sees them.

#3: "Lucky Strike"

"If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. The family eat breakfast but rush out. At school Ethan talks to Naomi next to her locker. She tells him she's going to Vegas. Kelly talks to Silver about being late. 0:01
"Hey Hey Girl" by The Virgins
Naomi talks to her friends about Vegas as they walk through school. Kelly tells Ryan about her son. 0:06
"All Over Me, All Over You" by Royston Langdon & Bosshouse Music
The family arrive at the bowling alley. 0:12
"One Week Of Danger" by The Virgins
Back at the bowling alley. Silver explains to Debbie that she's envious of family night. The guys arrive. 0:14
"All Coming Back To Me" by Intercooler
Everyone bowls. Annie gets a strike and goes outside with Ethan to get some air. 0:17
"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles
Adrianna sings as she listens to her iPod in Naomi's car. 0:18
"I Thought About You" by The Beautiful Girls
Annie talks to Ethan outside the bowling alley. Ty arrives and Annie leaves with him. 0:19
"A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend
Ty and Annie talk at the bar inside. Their parents let Annie and Dixon leave with their friends. 0:21
"Just A Little More Please" by Royston Langdon & Bosshouse Music
Adrianna tells Ethan and Annie about Naomi's father and they rush out to find her.
"How Many Birds?" by Benji Hughes
In the car park Ethan comforts Naomi as she tearfully tells him what's happened. Annie watches from a distance. 0:23
"The Kiss" by Karmina
Ryan and Kelly talk in the car. Ryan tells her about his inheritance. They kiss. 0:26
"Better In time" by Leona Lewis
Closing scenes. Montage. Annie checks her phone. Naomi's dad leaves for work. Kelly and Silver lie in bed with her son. Dixon and Annie finish laying out breakfast. 0:36

#4: "The Bubble"

"Disturbia" by Rihanna
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. Harry tells Annie that the drama teacher has taken a leave of absence. 0:00
"The Trance" by Headland
Naomi and family take their Christmas photo. 0:02
"How Many Ways" by Senor Happy
Dixon's parents tell him about the old house and their trouble selling it. 0:03
"Change Me" by Lori Denae
At the school Kelly and Brenda eat breakfast and talk about the play and Ryan. 0:04
"Everything Leaves" by Lori Denae
Ryan catches up with Kelly and asks her out for a pizza. She makes excuses. Ethan and Annie talk about Naomi and Ty. 0:07
"Day I Die" by Drug Rug
Ty and Annie bump into each other at school. Ty apologises and asks her to a Vampire Weekend gig. She explains that she has plans. 0:09
"Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise) (from 'Spring Awakening')"
The girls sing on stage as they practice for the play. Tabitha tells them to stop. Later, Tabitha shows them how it's done. 0:10
"She's New" by Senor Happy
Annie and Silver arrive at the Peach Pit talking about Ethan and Naomi. Silver warns Annie. Dixon surprises them. 0:15
"Not Nineteen Forever" by The Courteeners
Silver gives Dixon a ride to work and quizzes him on Biology. 0:18
"Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise) (from 'Spring Awakening')"
The girls perform the song on stage as Tabitha directs. Brenda interrupts. 0:20
"Even The Score" by Senor Happy
Whilst working at the Peach Pit Dixon gets a visit and is told he'll have to pay the money for car repairs earlier. 0:21
"Feel Good About It" by Marching Band
Annie waits for Ethan and the Peach Pit as Ty enters. 0:23
"Don't Believe In Love" by Dido
Naomi and Ethan pull up in the car. Naomi leaves to confront Gail, the girl she thinks her father is seeing. 0:25
"Adventures In Solitude" by The New Pornographers
Ethan apologises to Annie about standing her up but she leaves when she spots Ty. Kelly and Ryan talk in his classroom. 0:31
"Always Where I Need To Be" by The Kooks
At the Peach Pit Dixon's dad talks to him about his job and schoolwork. Dixon confesses that he crashed the van. 0:33
"Before It Gets Better" by Earlimart
Dixon pays the money for the damaged car. Silver tells Naomi that she won't blog about her. Annie apologises to Ty with cookies. 0:35
"On And Off" by Signal Hill Transmission
Annie and Ty kiss. Outside school Naomi wears a goofy hat and then talks with Ethan. 0:38

#5: "Wide Awake and Dreaming"

"Shattered (Turn The Car Around)" by O.A.R
Opening scenes, after catch-up. Ty and Annie practice in the play. Silver gets caught not paying attention. 0:01
"Mama Who Bore Me (from 'Spring Awakening')"
Adrianna sings alone on stage as Brenda watches. 0:11
"Little Bit" by Lykke Li
Annie tells Silver about the situation with Ty at lunch. Naomi joins them and they talk about sex. Ethan arrives. 0:12
"Mama Who Bore Me (from 'Spring Awakening')"
Annie performs on stage in the actual show. 0:22
"The Bitch Of Living (from 'Spring Awakening')"
Ty performs on stage with the rest of the guys in the show. Annie watches from the wings with Brenda. 0:24
"How The Day Sounds" by Greg Laswell
Ethan tries to convince Annie not to go with Ty. Kelly and Brenda talk as they walk through the school. 0:30
"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" by Black Kids
At the after party Ty stand on the balcony. Adrianna knocks on his door and pushes inside. She tells him about Annie leaving with Ethan. 0:31
"The One" by Annalee Ferry & Melissa Ritter
2nd song at the after party. Silver and Dixon talk. And then kiss. 0:32
"L.E.S. Artistes" by Santigold
Annie arrives at Ty's room, composes herself and knocks. She finds Adrianna there. Annie leaves. 0:33
"Hollywood" by Collective Soul
4th song at the after show party. Annie bumps into Ethan next to the pool. She tells Ethan and Naomi about Ty. Meanwhile, Silver and Dixon kiss then talk. 0:35
"Birds" by Emiliana Torrini
Annie gets home and is congratulated by her parents. She gets to her room and cries. /37/ 0:37

#6: "Model Behavior"

"Windows" by N.E.R.D.
Debbie taking photos at the test photo-shoot. Silver meets Tom. 0:13
"Now" by Mates Of State
Naomi and Ethan kiss on the bed until they're interrupted by her mother. 0:18
"So What" by Pink
The fashion show begins. Annie meets a movie producer and gets offered an audition. She helps out Adrianna too. 0:19
"Let's Reggae All Night" by CSS
Plays at the party after the fashion show. Dixon, Silver and Navid talk. Ryan talks to Brenda at the bar. Naomi organises her parents get together. 0:24
"Got You" by Senor Happy
2nd song at the party. Adrianna and Annie talk about mothers. Adrianna apologises to her about tricking her in relation to Ty. 0:26
"Spiralling" by Keane
3rd song at the party. Annie argues with her dad. Naomi tries to match up her parents but they see through the ruse. Dixon attacks Tom for his attitude with Silver and Debbie. 0:27
"Got It Good" by Jem
4th song at the party. Dixon and Silver talk. Navid jokes with some of the models. Ty arrives and talks with Annie about what happened the other night. 0:32
"With You" by Natalie Walker
Silver arrives home and convinces Kelly to let her stay on her own. Adrianna buys drugs. 0:37

#7: "Hollywood Forever"

"Tomorrow" by Sixx:A.M.
Opening scenes. Ryan gets a new student in his class, Kimberly. 0:00
"Cacophony" by Tilly and The Wall
Silver tells Dixon about her half-birthday at school. 0:02
"Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry
After intro. At the Peach Pit Naomi sits with Annie and Ethan and they talk about the baby. Naomi leaves. 0:08
"Worry About You" by 2AM Club
Silver talks to Mr Matthews in school and tells him about Psycho playing at the cemetery. Dixon turns up, then Ethan and Annie. They all decide to go. 0:16
"You May Be In Darkness" by Simone White
Adrianna arrives home to tell her mum about the drugs but is distracted by her mum explaining their financial troubles. 0:28
"Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones
Silver and Dixon with the statue of Johnny Ramone. Ryan arrives with his date. 0:29
"Not To Hurt You" by Ananova
Ryan walks with his date in the cemetery. She tells him what she does. 0:30
"Be OK" by Ingrid Michaelson
Ethan and Annie arrive and meet up with Silver and Dixon. Ethan talks to Annie about Naomi after getting a text. Ethan and Dixon goes for drinks. Navid and his husband arrive. 0:31
"Feather" by Ananova
Debbie gets angry when Harry tells her about Tracy kissing him. 0:33
"I Don't Know Why" by A-501
Dusk at the cemetery. Ryan talks with his date and Kim arrives. 0:34
"Any Other World" by Mika
Naomi leaves an angry message for Adrianna as paramedics try to save her life. 0:40

#8: "There Is No Place Like Homecoming"

"When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls
Opening scenes after, after catch-up. Debbie looks at Harry's old yearbook. 0:00
"Come On Baby" by Jono Brown & Jeff Kollman
In school Silver and Annie talk about Ethan and homecoming. 0:02
"Rich Girls, Poor Girls" by Everybody Else
By the lockers Ethan tells Annie that he wants to take her to homecoming but isn't going to. They make a plan. 0:04
"Without You" by Everybody Else
Everyone preparing for the homecoming dance. 0:18
"The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie
1st song at homecoming as Annie and Naomi arrive. The band perform live. 0:23
"Closer" by Ne-Yo
2nd song at homecoming. Annie talks to Silver on the phone. Annie and Ethan dance as Naomi watches. Ozzie gets Naomi to dance. 0:25
"Hurricane Jane" by Black Kids
3rd song at homecoming. Adrianna arrives and tries to talk to Naomi. 0:28
"The Stoop" by Little Jackie
4th song at homecoming. The band perform live again. Naomi and Annie talk outside about Adrianna and then Ethan. 0:32
"28 Butts" by Little Jackie
5th song at the homecoming. The band perform live once more. Debbie argues with Tracy about Harry. 0:36
"That Kiss" by The Courteeners
Adrianna and Naomi hug outside. Annie tells Ethan that they can't be together but they kiss. Dixon and Silver dance. Ryan kisses Kimberly. 0:39

#9: "Secrets and Lies"

"Believe" by The Bravery
In the car outside school Dixon and Annie talk about Harry's announcement. Annie and Ethan talk about the same subject by the lockers. 0:03
"Is That All You Got" by Bosshouse Music
Adrianna arrives back at school to be greeted by everyone staring and then Navid. He gives her jelly beans. 0:06
"Kiss with A Fist" by Florence and The Machine
After intro. Silver invites Naomi to a slumber party at her house. Naomi suggests truth or dare. 0:10
"Trouble Is A Friend" by Lenka
Harry asks Annie about unusual activity on the credit card. He tells her she can't go to the slumber party. 0:15
"Old Enough" by The Raconteurs
The girls drink at the slumber party and then after Adrianna arrives they play a game. 0:17
"Better Than Lies" by Beehive
Loads of other people arrive at Silver's party. 0:22
"Greetings From The Side" by Gary Jules
Annie and Ethan talk in an empty classroom. They decide to go public about their relationship and kiss. Naomi sees them through the window after calling Ozzie. 0:38

#10: "Games People Play"

"Thunder" by Boys Like Girls
Naomi sees Ethan and Annie kissing and wanders the school with her imagining people talking about her. 0:00
"Never Be Your Baby" by Will Dailey
Naomi and Annie shopping. 0:07
"Neon Beanbag" by Stereolab
Naomi arrives home to find her old boyfriend, Jason is there. 0:13
"Vegetable Car" by Joshua Radin
Ryan talks to Kimberly on the phone outside his apartment. 0:17
"Heartless" by Kanye West
Annie eats dinner at a restaurant with her friends. 0:19
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar
Tabitha does karaoke at Annie's party. 0:31
"Peace Of Mind" by Will Dailey
Ethan arrives to see Annie sitting outside. He says sorry and gives her a gift. They kiss. 0:33

#11: "That Which We Destroy"

"Just Dance" by Lady Gaga
Outside the party Naomi and Annie meet Sean. Inside, Harry meets Sean. 0:00
"I'll Be Your Breeze" by Andrew Belle
In school Ethan and Annie talk about Naomi. 0:06
"Lovie" by Boys Boys Boys
Naomi bashes Annie with her bag as she walks past. 0:13
"Save The Lies" by Gabriella Cilmi
Naomi asks Ozzie for a table at his family's restaurant, he agrees. 0:15
"Kaleidoscope Machine" by Katie Costello
Tabitha talks to Debbie at the house. She tells her to go to dinner with Harry, Tracy and Sean. 0:17
"Young One" by Mackabella
At the restaurant Naomi asks Ozzie if the table is ready. Naomi gets angry when she realises it's a trick. Eventually he agrees to give her the table. 0:19
"Angel Lady" by Aaron Jerome (Feat. Andreya)
Harry, Debbie, Tracy and Sean eat dinner at the restaurant.
"Man Up" by The Blue Van
Plays during the lacrosse game. 0:30
"I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie
At the end of the evening the Wilson's arrive home. Sean makes a mysterious phone call in his room. 0:40

#12: "Hello, Goodbye, Amen"

"Spaceman" by The Killers
After the catch-up. Naomi talks about her vacation with Sean with Annie and Ethan. Adrianna talks to Annie about Frank, her friend from rehab. 0:00
"Jungle Drum" by Emiliana Torrini
Pictionary!! /6/ 0:06
"Ok" by Holly Conlan
Annie and Ethan at the Peach Pit. Naomi and friends arrive and show pictures of her and Sean on holiday. 0:20
"Keep Your Head" by Kirk Franklin
Silver arrives at Christina's dad's BBQ. She's angry to begin with but Dixon explains. 0:32
"Take The Blame" by Holly Conlan
In the morning Harry realises that Sean has left. Adrianna cries. 0:37
"The Fear You Won't Fall" by Joshua Radin
Annie hugs her father in the bedroom. 0:41

#13: "Love Me Or Leave Me"

"Big Jumps" by Emiliana Torrini
Opening scenes, after catch-up. Annie talks to Ethan on the phone about the weather until Debbie interrupts. 0:00
"Cobrastyle" by Teddybears (Feat. Mad Cobra)
Annie and Ethan kiss at school. Silver and Dixon talk about global warming and Silver gets annoyed at Annie and Ethan. 0:04
"Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)" by Black Kids
Harry announces that tomorrow's school day is cancelled. Everyone leaves at the end of the day. Naomi has a word with Navid about Adrianna outside. Annie and Ethan kiss, again. 0:11
"The Geeks Were Right" by The Faint
Navid and Dixon talk about Silver at the Peach Pit. 0:14
"You Are Goodbye" by Holly Conlan
Naomi learns that Adrianna is pregnant in the children's play area. 0:17
"Hey Oh" by Daniel Lenz
Down at the beach. Naomi and Adrianna walk and talk. Annie and Ethan arrive in Palm Springs. 0:19
"Does This Mean You're Moving On?" by The Airborne Toxic Event
Silver and Dixon arrive at the beach. They start building a sand castle. 0:21
"When The Night" by Aaron Nazrul
Adrianna and Naomi sunbathe until George arrives. They tell him to get lost. 0:22
"45 Forever" by The All New Adventures Of Us
Annie and Ethan eat a posh dinner. 0:24
"Crying Blood" by V V Brown
Night time at the beach. Naomi has a go at her new friends for spreading rumours about Adrianna. 0:25
"Crush" by David Archuleta
Annie and Ethan kissing. Annie starts laughing. Ethan messes up. 0:26
"Hot Summer" by Rhys
Navid attacks George. Adrianna tells him she's pregnant and he leaves. 0:28
"Broken Hearts Parade" by Good Charlotte
At the beach, Dixon tells Silver that he loves her. They argue. 0:31
"Hometown Glory" by Adele
Navid and Adrianna talk in the AV room. Silver apologises to Dixon in the hallway. 0:35
"Under My Bed" by Meiko
Closing scenes. Ethan explains to Annie why he acted the way he did. /39/ 0:39

#14: "By Accident"

"That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. Ryan returns to school after his break. 0:00
"All The Things You Know" by Blue Judy
Adrianna driving her car through the night and into the morning. She almost crashes. 0:13
"Keep It Simple" by Delays
Naomi at her dad's beach house for breakfast. She makes her feelings known towards Gail.
"Venn Diagram" by Lisa Hannigan
Adrianna tells Naomi on the beach at night about her day and that she's keeping the baby. 0:26
"Oh Me" by James Combs
The cast list is posted for the play. Annie gets disappointed. 0:31
"It's Amazing" by Jem
Annie tells Ethan that she doesn't want to go to the cast and crew dinner and he goes without her. 0:34
"Bathaddak" by Natacha Atlas
At the cast and crew party Ryan talks to the new drama teacher. 0:35
"Down To Earth" by Jem
2nd song at the party. Dixon splits up with Silver. Naomi and Adrianna talk and then Ty arrives. 0:36
"Unlimited" by Bosshouse Music
Annie talks to Ethan on the phone and asks him to pick her up. He's driving at the time and crashes. 0:41

#15: "Help Me, Rhonda"

"I Can't Do This By Myself" by By Divine Right
Dixon and Navid through a ball in the bedroom and talk about their respective (ex) girlfriends. 0:08
"Better To Be" by Liam Finn
Silver tries to find Dixon at the Peach Pit but he's not there. Meanwhile, Adrianna listens to the song on her iPod until her mother enters her room. 0:27
"Show Me What I'm Looking For" by Carolina Liar
1st song at Christina's friend's party. The band play live. 0:31
"I'm Not Over" by Carolina Liar
2nd song at the party. The band play live again at night. Silver arrives and kicks off. 0:35
"Crack The Shutters" by Snow Patrol
Closing scenes. Adrianna asks for Navid's help. Ethan tells Annie that he's not doing the play. Adrianna announces on the TV's in school that she's pregnant. She walks through school happy. 0:39

#16: "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels"

"1, 2, 3, 4" by Plain White T's
Dixon and Silver talk at school surrounded by Valentine's day stuff. 0:02
"Vertigo" by Anya Marina
Adrianna and Naomi talk as they walk through the school. Adrianna is down in the dumps and Naomi tries to cheer her up. 0:07
"Strange Ways" by Luscious Redhead
Silver and Annie eat lunch and talk about Valentine's day. 0:09
"All The Same To Me" by Anya Marina
Annie struggles in her acting class. 0:12
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
Annie and Ethan eat at the Peach Pit but Rhonda arrives. 0:13
"Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback
Annie, Ethan and Rhonda talk at the Peach Pit. 0:15
"Not Coming Down" by Melissa Ritter, Guy Roche & Elizabeth Vidal
Naomi waits for Liam by the hotel pool. At the Valentine's party Navid arrives with his date. 0:28
"Ghost Town" by Shiny Toy Guns
At school dance Rhonda arrives. 0:31
"Pony (It's Ok)" by Erin McCarley
Silver and Dixon in the hotel room. Montage of Navid, Naomi, Annie and Adrianna. 0:32
"Lovebug" by Jonas Brothers
Navid asks Adrianna to be his Valentine in her bedroom, they kiss. Silver and Dixon kiss then Silver shows him her tattoo of his name. 0:36

#17: "Life's a Drag"

"Cheap And Cheerful" by The Kills
Naomi kisses Liam by the lockers at school. 0:01
"The Palace At 4 a.m." by A. C. Newman
After having sex in the media room Dixon and Silver get dressed. 0:02
"Turn Me Off" by Audrye Sessions
Naomi and Adrianna talk about Liam outside school. 0:07
"You and Me" by Attack!Attack!
Silver films Dixon as he works at the Peach Pit. 0:09
"Auctioneer" by The Broken West
Liam arrives at his car to find Naomi sitting on it. She apologises about the champagne incident. She tutors maths but finds out he's quite good at it. They both get into the car. 0:18
"Magic Show" by Electric Owls
The audience filter into the cinema for the screening of Silver's film. 0:24
"Sirens In The Deep Sea" by Longwave
Naomi and Liam talk in the car. 0:25
"Gymnopedie No. 1" by Erik Satie
Silver's film starts. 0:27
"What A Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone
On screen, Dixon and Silver have sex. Dixon leaves the screening. 0:29
"Blue Day" by Darker My Love
Liam drag races the other guys as Naomi shouts encouragement. Liam wins. 0:29
"Put In A Little Gas" by Colourmusic
Back at the drag race a guy chats up Naomi until Liam punches him and smashes his car window. 0:31
"Alone" by Morning After Girls
Naomi and Liam kiss in his car. 0:36

#18: "Off the Rails"

"Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand
Montage showing news of Silver, Dixon and the movie travelling fast. 0:04
"We Will Not Grow Old" by Lenka
Navid and Adrianna babysit for Kelly's kid. 0:09
"Gymnopedie No. 1" by Erik Satie
Annie, Ethan and Naomi meet up in the media room as Silver's movie plays. 0:12
"Careless Whisper" by George Michael
Kelly visits her mother looking for Silver. They argue then leave. 0:15
"Sometime Around Midnight" by The Airborne Toxic Event
Silver talks to a stranger in the queue at the train station.
"The Show" by Lenka
Back with Navid and Adrianna baby-sitting. The kid's crying. 0:20
"Heavy" by Oh No
Silver runs through the station to catch her train but misses it. 0:28
"Cinder And Smoke" by Iron and Wine
Ethan, Annie and Naomi leave the school. Naomi offers Annie a lift home. Adrianna reads to the kid as Navid watches. Kelly wakes Ryan up and apologises to him. 0:32
"What We Started" by Alex Lloyd
Closing scenes. Dixon talks to Annie about Silver and his mother. The family enjoy a meal together. 0:38

#19: "Okaeri, Donna!"

"Love Remains The Same" by Gavin Rossdale
Opening scenes, after catch-up. Dixon talks to Silver in the garden. Silver talks about her day yesterday. 0:00
"Let Go" by Edison Glass
In school Dixon counts down to Spring Break but Annie doesn't seem as interested. 0:02
"Silly Boy" by The Blue Van
Naomi persuades Ethan to talk to Liam. It doesn't go well. 0:16
"Flathead" by The Fratellis
Kelly and Donna talk at lunch. 0:17
"Meg White" by Ray LaMontagne
In the car Kelly and Donna tell Silver about meeting Diablo Cody. Meanwhile, Liam and Naomi kiss. 0:20
"Never Had Nobody Like You" by M Ward
Harry gets in way of Debbie photographing a nude model. 0:23
"The Soldier Song" by Sarah Bettens
Annie talks to Dixon's birth mother as he watches from the car. 0:29
"Better Than Lies" by Beehive
Dixon and Annie make their way home in the car. 0:40
"Not Fair" by Lily Allen.
Closing scenes. Liam flirts with Naomi as they're about to leave. 0:41

#20: "Between a Sign and a Hard Place"

"Geraldine" by Glasvegas
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. In the morning at Kelly and Silver's house. Morning at the Wilson household getting ready for the yard sale. 0:00
"Smirk (Ice Cream)" by Marching Band
Plays in Naomi's car as Annie gets in and Naomi applies her lipstick. 0:02
"Walking On A Dream" by Empire Of The Sun
Navid and Adrianna eat lunch. Navid gives her some friendly advice about nutrition. 0:04
"Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups
Liam drops off Ethan at school and Ryan gives him detention for skipping class. Silver arrives at the Peach Pit and girls talk about her. 0:07
"Up All Night" by The Young Knives
Yard Sale!! Naomi arrives. 0:14
"Awakening" by Aine Minogue
Silver in church. 0:19
"Coast That's Closest" by Eagle and Talon
Kelly and Donna in a bar. The band perform live. 0:20
"Dyed In The Wool" by The Young Knives
Naomi and Annie at the Peach Pit. They talk about Liam and Annie steers the conversation towards Naomi's dad. Naomi finds out that Annie knew already. 0:22
"Dropped Down" by Eagle and Talon
Kelly and Donna dance in the bar as the band play live. 0:24
"Da Feelin" by Nightmares On Wax
Party at Donna's new store. Silver feels awkward with her friends. 0:31
"He's A Rocker" by The Vines
Kelly ends up back at Ryan's place where they kiss. 0:37
"Gimme A Chance" by Plain White T's
Closing scenes. At the Peach Pit Navid and Adrianna decide to get married. 0:39

#21: "The Dionysian Debacle"

"Love is..." by Linda Good
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. Navid and Adrianna dream about their future then argue over the sex of the baby and other things. 0:00
"Sour Cherry" by The Kills
Silver's first day at her new school. 0:06
"Morning Light" by Ida Maria
Annie and Naomi arrive at the bar to meet Liam and his cousin. 0:17
"Short Cut (Down A Long Road)" by The Big Bad Johns
End of the double date. Liam asks Annie out. 0:21
"Heavenly Peach Banquet" by Monkey
Silver dreams about school and Angela dying for her sins. Plays again when she actually gets to school and everyone's talking about her. 0:38
"Feel The Love" by Cut Copy
Closing scenes. Naomi introduces her sister to Ryan outside school. Ethan and Jen talk. 0:40

#22: "The Party's Over"

"Zero" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Navid and Adrianna tell the gang that they're keeping the baby and that they're getting married. Naomi makes her feelings on the matter known. 0:00
"S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y." by The Airlines
Naomi finds her car blocked in in the school car park. 0:08
"This Old Feeling" by The Vanderbilts
Naomi and her sister shopping. Jen talks to Portia and frames her for shoplifting. 0:11
"Intelligentactile 101" by Jesca Hoop
Adrianna's bridal shower at Annie's house. 0:14
"Wined And Grind" by Big Willie's Burlesque
The guys enter the burlesque club for the bachelor party. 0:15
"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred
Back at the bridal shower. Fashion catwalk thing. 0:16
"Bunny Girl" by Big Willie's Burlesque
2nd song at the burlesque club with the guys. Sorority girls arrive. 0:18
"Nice Tits And No Tats" by Big Willie's Burlesque
Navid gets on stage at the burlesque club. 0:22
"Keep You A Mystery" by Will Dailey
Ryan and Jen cook dinner and talk about his novel. 0:22
"Simplify My Simple Life" by Mackabella
Naomi makes a toast to Adrianna and Navid at the bridal shower. 0:25
"Damaged Girl" by Effcee
Liam arrives at the Wilson house with a drunk Dixon and they bump into Annie. Annie and Liam talk and Naomi spots them. 0:30
"Maybe Maybe" by Nico Stai
Navid and Adrianna talk in a bedroom and Adrianna explains that they can't have the baby because she's not ready. 0:31
"Boys & Girls (pig mix)" by Mon Roe
Liam and Annie dump Dixon on his bed. Liam tells Annie that he's curious about her. 0:33
"Rescue Me" by Sarah Bettens
Dixon and Silver talk in the bedroom. Navid asks what they'll do with all the presents. They decide that they'll get married in the future. 0:36
"Make Me Believe" by Angel Taylor
Naomi and sister at yoga on the beach. 0:39

#23: "Zero Tolerance"

"Spoiled Peach" by Liz Phair
The girls choose prom dresses. 0:13
"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
People arrive for prom. Silver is nervous about leaving the limo. Adrianna persuades her to get out. 0:17
"Houses" by Great Northern
On the red carpet posing for photos. 0:18
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
The band perform live at the prom. Ryan introduces Jen to Kelly and finds out they already knew each other. 0:20
"Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?" by The Offspring
Annie slow dances with Charlie and tells him she's not interested in him romantically. He gets angry and storms out. 0:22
"Take Me On The Floor" by The Veronicas
The band perform live a second time. Naomi talks with Jen about Liam until Harry interrupts. The band begins to play again as Jen and Kelly talk/bitch in the make-up room. 0:23
"Gold Guns Girls" by Metric
Ethan tells Ryan that he's not going to lacrosse camp. Annie gets trouble from another girl and gets accused of being a rat. Silver thanks Dixon but he's angry about her earlier comments. Ethan tells Silver her speech was awesome. 0:30
"Young Adult Friction" by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Jen leaves to take a phone-call and Kelly talks to Ryan about the real Jen. 0:33
"Gimme Sympathy" by Metric
Naomi and Liam walk on the Paramount lot and see Kelly. Naomi finds out Liam was forced to prom by his step-father. 0:34
"Choose You" by Karuna
Harry scares Kelly on the red carpet and then they talk. Meanwhile Navid and Ty fight. 0:38
"Let The Love Back In" by The Orange Lights
Naomi and Liam dance on the Paramount lot in the snow. 0:39

#24: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer"

"The Only One" by Manchester Orchestra
Opening scenes, after the catch-up. Naomi tells Jen about Liam. 0:00
"Panic" by The Boat People
News spreads of Naomi's party. The guys can't find their limo and hitch a ride. 0:03
"Beautiful Dreamer" by Roy Orbison
Some geeks perform at the school party. Harry talks to Kelly as Debbie arrives. 0:07
"Bang Bang" by K'naan (Feat. Adam Levine)
1st song at Naomi's after prom party. Guests arrive as Annie tries to control things. Dixon talks to Ethan about Silver. 0:08
"Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry
2nd song at the party. People drinking. Liam shows Annie his drawing. 0:12
"Everyone's At It" by Lily Allen
3rd song at the party. Silver and Ethan talk at a table as Dixon DJ's. Silver questions her relationship with Dixon but Ethan reassures her. Ethan realises he has the wrong jacket on. 0:16
"Superthug" by Noreaga
4th song at the party. Ethan and Dixon swap their jackets back. 0:18
"Absolute" by The Fray
5th song at the party. Phoebe asks Annie for a ride home. Jen talks to Liam and tells him that Naomi has told everyone his personal details to everyone. 0:20
"Sugar" by Flo Rida
6th song at the party. Silver and the girls jump into the pool. Dixon asks Ethan about his feelings for Silver. Ethan brushes it off but admits it when Silver joins them. 0:26
"Back Again" by Parachute
7th song at the party. Naomi arrives and looks for Liam. She finds him getting dressed in a bedroom. 0:30
"The Funeral" by Band Of Horses
Closing scenes. Ethan kisses Silver and tells her that he doesn't want to be just friends. Naomi cries and Jen comforts her. Adrianna gives up her baby in the hospital. Liam gets kidnapped. Annie knocks someone down. 0:37

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Season 2

#1: "To New Beginnings!"

"See Through" by Sofi Bonde
Naomi daydreams in school and imagines kissing an older guy on et beach. 0:00
"Cat & Mouse" by Nikki and Rich
Naomi and Silver scream as summer school ends. Silver bumps into Dixon on the stairs. Awkward… Naomi, Silver and Adrianna cruise in the car. 0:01
"Blue Eyes" by Mika
Naomi, Silver and Adrianna arrive at the country club. Naomi talks about Jason, her older guy. Adrianna gets given a script. 0:03
"Magic" by Vi (Feat. Bradd Young)
Dixon and Navid pull up at the beach in Navid's Lamborghini. 0:06
"Good Stuff" by Shawn Anthony
Naomi spots Jason across the pool and tells Adrianna and Silver that they must meet him. 0:11
"So Human" by Lady Sovereign
Naomi and Silver arrive at the tennis club and begin to practice. Naomi hits her ball into Teddy's court. 0:12
"Wake Up" by Sliimy
At the club the girls talk about Teddy. 0:16
"Freakalator" by Soundmaster T
1st song at the party. The guys dance to the song. Teddy returns Silver's phone and reads out a message from Ethan. 0:25
"I Don't Want You Back" by Laura Izibor
Navid drinks alone in the cabana, then leaves.
"Jack Nimble" by Lady Of The Sunshine
Annie and Mark kiss in the cabana that Navid gave them. 0:30
"Never Say Never" by Khamelien
2nd song at the party. Teddy and Dixon talk about Silver. 0:30
"Koop Island Blues" by Koop
3rd song at the party. Teddy and Adrianna dance. 0:31
"Sunny Day" by Joy Williams
1st day of school. Silver, Naomi and Adrianna talk together. Navid and Dixon arrive. Dixon tells Navid that he's done with Silver. 0:36
"Lion's Roar" by Asher Roth (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
Some kids dance outside as Annie arrives at school. Annie talks to Mark. 0:39
"Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic
Closing scenes. Naomi, Silver and Adrianna walk through the school in slow motion. 0:41

#2: "To Sext or Not to Sext"

"New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)" by Little Boots
Naomi talks to Donny about sending anonymous texts. Silver and Adrianna arrive. Silver talks about Dixon and the girls tell her to wait. 0:00
"I Want You So Bad" by OK Go
Ryan arrives outside Jen's house in his car. 0:08
"Joanne" by Steve Goomas and Doug Perkins
Adrianna asks Teddy about doing a story. Adrianna tells him about her recent problems. 0:17
"I Like It, I Love It" by Lyrics Born
Ryan talks to Harry about Jen as they play basketball. 0:20
"Standing On The Shore" by Empire Of The Sun
Down at the beach Dixon talks to Teddy. Liam joins them. 0:22
"Punching Bag" by Kevin and the Octaves
Liam, Dixon and Teddy hit the waves. 0:23
"Rome" by Phoenix
Naomi, Adrianna and Silver watch the guys surf from the car. 0:29
"L.E.S. Artistes" by Santigold
Jen thanks Ryan for the necklace he left for her. Ryan locks the door of his office. 0:30
"45 Parade Place" by Aya
Jen gets a massage as Naomi arrives. 0:36
"Paper Aeroplane" by Angus and Julia Stone
Closing scenes. The naked picture of Annie spreads around the school. Silver comforts her. Dixon punches Mark. Annie realises that Teddy was the person who found the guy in the road. 0:39

#3: "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat"

"Take It Like A Big Girl" by Blackcowboy
Dixon orders pizza and meets Sasha for the first time. They talk about baseball. 0:11
"Ride With Me" by John-John Stomp (Feat. LA)
Dixon's phone rings as Navid calls him. Sasha has the same ringtone. 0:14
"We Run LA" by Dr. Hollywood
Dixon gets Sasha's phone number. She sees his car. 0:15
"Hell Yeah" by Christian George
Dixon tells Navid, Liam and Teddy about Sasha. 0:16
"Red Light Love" by Those Darlins
Naomi and Silver arrive at Teddy's yacht and see Annie talking to Mark. 0:18
"Reminder (RAC Remix)" by Honeythieves
Teddy greets the guys. Liam spots Naomi. Dixon avoids Silver and Sasha but finds out he's trapped on the boat. 0:19
"Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe
Dixon tells the guys about his predicament and they agree to help him. 0:21
"Bassment Party" by Cool Kids
Dixon DJ's with Sasha's help. 0:22
"Ride With Me" by John-John Stomp (Feat. LA)
Sasha plays the song on the decks. They kiss and Dixon tells Sasha about Silver. Annie tells Naomi that she slept with Liam. 0:25
"DJ" by Amanda Blank
Navid congratulates Dixon on Sasha as Sasha announces a break. 0:27
"Soft Kill" by Taxi Doll
Navid meets Sasha. Liam shouts at Dixon about Annie. Navid gets sea sick. /28/ 0:28
"The Plan" by Kite In The Air
Silver talks to Sasha at the bar as Dixon arrives. 0:30
"It's Your Touch" by The Black Ghosts
Navid and Adrianna eat ice cream back on land. Dixon and Sasha kiss. 0:35
"Baptized In Blacklight" by Kenna
Navid tells Adrianna about throwing Teddy a party. Dixon asks to borrow his car. Annie meets Mark at the bar. /38/ 0:38
"Wanted" by Jessie James
Dixon allows Sasha to drive the Lambo. 0:40

#4: "The Porn King"

"Even After All" by Finley Quaye
Adrianna and Navid eating dinner. 0:00
"My Love Is" by Holly Golightly
Adrianna asks for what's under the lid and gets a tennis ball. She turns back around to find Teddy sitting there. 0:01
"Closer" by Goapele
Dixon and Sasha in bed. They talk about the bass on the music. 0:02
"The Moneymaker" by Rilo Kiley
Naomi calls Annie a skank in school. Silver interviews Jasper for the school paper. 0:07
"Random Fiction Xperience" by Sheer.K
Liam with his mother and step-father at a bar. They talk about holidays. 0:11
"Steppin' Up" by Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo
Dixon bangs on about Sasha at the beach with Navid and Teddy. 0:12
"Holiday" by Dizzee Rascal
Dixon and Sasha drive along the sea front in the Lambo. 0:23
"Girl Out West" by Speck Mountain
Annie and Jasper lie on his car and look at the stars. 0:35
"Lowlife" by Scanners
Ryan and Jen drink champagne. Liam plays a recording on his phone. 0:40

#5: "Environmental Hazards"

"Big Heavy" by Amanda Blank
Navid arrives at school with a big grin on his face, greeting people as he walks. He meets up with Dixon and they talk with Liam and Teddy. 0:00
"Haunted House" by Brookville
Adrianna arrives at Silver's and they talk about Silver's mother. 0:08
"Sunderland" by MVSC
The guys play pool. 0:13
"Just a Silhouette" by Exlovers
Dixon arrives at Sasha's house with a pizza. He tries to convince her to go back out with him. 0:20
"Don't Gotta Work It Out" by Fitz and The Tantrums
Naomi lifts her bike out of the car and rides to meet Richard. They talk about eco friendly stuff. 0:24
"Wop (How I Know)" by Nikki and Rich
Naomi bumps into Jamie and he shows her where to go. Richard arrives. 0:32
"Sad Sad City" by Ghostland Observatory
Dixon and Liam arrive at the Script gig. Dixon apologises for his mood and they bump into Sasha at the bar. 0:33
"We Cry" by The Script
The Script perform live. Annie and Jasper listen from the roof. 0:34
"Leaving For The West" by Blue Judy
Plays just after The Script finish playing. Liam sees Naomi, goes over to talk to her but Richard gets back to his seat and they kiss. Liam and Dixon go to leave but Sasha interrupts. 0:37
"Listened On" by Lightning Dust
Closing scenes. Liam deletes the recording he has on his phone. Adrianna leaves a message for someone on her phone. Dixon and Sasha kiss. Silver gets a visit from Adrianna with some news about her mother. 0:39

#6: "Wild Alaskan Salmon"

"Nobody" by Kate Earl
Silver browses the internet about breast cancer. Kelly enters. Silver turns off the music. 0:00
"Send Him Away" by Franz Ferdinand
Jasper and Annie talk about movies. 0:03
"Mood Is Right" by Maimon and The Mongoose Band
Navid and Adrianna talk at dinner. Adrianna explains that she needs to be alone and breaks up with him. 0:08
"You're So Cold" by Will Dailey
Navid tells Liam about the dinner with Adrianna in Liam's garage. Dixon arrives. 0:10
"Heap See, Few Know" by The Soul Seven
Jen and Ryan sit and drink on the sofa. A phone call interrupts them. 0:12
"Tambourine" by Blue Judy
At school Mark asks Annie out then warns her about Jasper. 0:14
"Teen Lovers" by The Virgins
Jasper asks Annie for lunch but she avoids it. He asks her about the cinema but again she avoids it. 0:18
"Sierra's Song" by The All-American Rejects
Annie thanks Mark for warning her about Jasper outside school. He asks her out, she agrees and gets into his car. Jasper watches from a distance. 0:23
"Dreams" by Cranberries
Teddy and Adrianna have fun down on the beach. They kiss. 0:25
"Just Can't Get Enough" by Bosshouse
Harry and Ryan in a bar. Harry talks about a barista in a local Starbucks. A girl approaches Ryan at the bar. 0:26
"Driving 40" by Kite
Back at the bar Harry talks about his family problems. 0:29
"Yea Yeah" by Matt and Kim
Ryan and Harry leave the bar and Ryan gets the barmaid's number on the way out. 0:34
"Sacred Heart (A Sailor's Drunken Eulogy)" by Right Away, Great Captain
Annie and Jasper walk and talk. Annie tells him what Mark told her. 0:36
"Many Shades of Black" by Adele & The Raconteurs
Closing scenes. Dixon knocks on Sasha's door. Jasper damages Mark's car. Silver tells her mother that she wants to move in. Adrianna tells Navid that she made a huge mistake. 0:38

#7: "Unmasked"

"People" by Chester French
Opening scenes after the catch up. Liam surfs. Back in the his car he reverses and someone crashes into him. 0:00
"Fables" by The DoDos
Dixon is frustrated because he and Sasha can't be seen outside. 0:04
"Broken Pieces" by Erwin
Naomi leaves Richard's room and bumps into Jamie outside. 0:12
"Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)" by Grand Analog
Dixon, Liam and Teddy talk about Halloween. Dixon gets a call from Sasha. 0:18
"Daft Punk is Playing At My House" by LCD Soundsystem
Surf competition on the beach. After getting the teams they hit the water. 0:20
"One Hipster, One Bullit" by Jet
Back at the surf competition Ivy tricks Liam and catches the final wave and wins the competition.
"Back On My Streets" by Dan Silver
1st song at the halloween party. Dixon tells Liam and Teddy about Sasha.
"Hold The Line" by Major Lazer (Feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold)
2nd song at the halloween party. Liam bumps into Ivy and challenges her to a bet. Outside Liam and Ivy hit the waves for a surf comp.
"Don't Bother Me" by The Blakes
Back at the halloween party Ivy gives Liam the surf board and they apologise to each other. 0:35
"Be With You" by Taxi Doll
At the halloween party Adrianna moans about Navid. Jamie arrives. 0:38
"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap
Teddy and Silver hit tennis balls off the roof. 0:40

#8: "Women's Intuition"

"Airstream Driver" by Gomez
Liam, Teddy and Ivy rib each other about surfing. Ivy puts salt in Teddy's drink. Navid arrives and Teddy leaves. 0:02
"Get A Move On!" by Mr. Scruff
Jen barges into Ryan's apartment to find out he has a date. 0:07
"Psychic City" by Yacht
Ivy talks about the N.E.R.D. party but Liam explains that they aren't his thing. Annie kisses Jasper as he leaves in his car. 0:13
"Naturally" by Matt Martino
Jen drinks in the bar where Ryan's date works. 0:15
"Never Forget You" by Noisettes
At the tennis club Ryan confronts Jen about her talking to Ramona, his date. 0:19
"Cheap and Cheerful" by The Kills
Teddy and Ivy persuade Liam to come to the party. They arrive. Jen introduces Ryan to Pharrell and he meets the rest of the band. 0:22
"Zero (RAC Remix)" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Back at the party. Liam spots Naomi with Jamie and Teddy explains the situation to Ivy. Liam talks to Jen at the bar. 0:26
"Heart Skipped A Beat" by The XX
Jasper drives up to the Hollywood sign with his camera stuff. Annie apologises.
"Hear Me On The Radio" by N.E.R.D.
NERD perform live at the party. 0:32
"Chillin'" by Wale (Feat. Lady Gaga)
Plays at the party. Navid talks to some girls, Teddy talks to Silver and Adrianna arrives then leaves. 0:34
"You Are Scared" by Educating Janey
Plays at the party. Jen tells Ryan that Liam propositioned her. 0:35
"Last Bus (Disko Grunge Remix)" by Alt.Human
Plays at the party. Ryan asks why Liam hit on Jen. 0:37
"That Moon Song" by Gregory Alan Isakov
Closing scenes. Liam and Ivy kiss in his garage. At the Hollywood sign Annie kisses Jasper. He rushes back to his car and gives Adrianna drugs. 0:39

#9: "A Trip to the Moon"

"On Directing" by Tegan and Sara
Naomi and Silver talk. Silver explains that she's not going to bother with a half birthday party this year. Adrianna arrives. Silver leaves and they talk about her half birthday present. 0:04
"Princes & Kings" by Shake
By the lockers, Naomi tries to persuade Silver to have her party. Teddy arrives. 0:07
"Sunburn" by Owl City
Annie meets up with Jasper. He tells her that he got her an audition for a movie part. 0:11
"Slow Poison" by The Bravery
Navid watches as Jasper deals drugs to Adrianna. 0:16
"Keeps Getting Better" by Daniel Lemma
Silver gets home to find Teddy playing cards with her. 0:18
"The One" by Luscious Redhead
Adrianna listens to music lying on her bed until her phone rings. 0:18
"Love With A Stranger" by Marie Digby
Annie practices her lines with Jasper. 0:22
"Take It or Leave It" by Chris Sernel
Navid confronts Jasper in the hall about his drug dealing with Adrianna. 0:23
"I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper
Liam snaps at Teddy at the beach as they watch other surfers. 0:24
"Radar" by Kiss the Girl
Silver arrives at her space themed birthday party. 0:25
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
The 2nd themed birthday party; the 80's. 0:26
"Soldier On" by The Temper Trap
Annie and Jasper talk. They kiss and Annie tells him that she wants her first time to be with him. 0:34
"Good Thing" by Kiss the Girl
Liam and Ivy walk in the car park. Liam apologises. 0:35

#10: "To Thine Own Self Be True"

"All I Want" by The Fountainheads
Jasper in Annie's bedroom. Her mother knocks and he hides behind the door. 0:05
"4PM (Pete Miser Remix)" by Pete Miser
Dixon tells Liam and Navid about his plan to get Jen. 0:06
"The Other Side" by Matt Martino
Jen arrives at Ryan's apartment with her new camping gear. 0:14
"She's My Girl" by Kram
Ryan and Jen camping and drinking wine. 0:20
"Sunscream" by Jimi Ashmore & John Etkin-Bell
Liam, Dixon and Ivy help Navid and they discuss the Jen problem. 0:21
"Butch" by Saint Motel
Naomi arrives at the Blaze and Liam asks for some help moving a box. 0:24
"Electric Twist" by A Fine Frenzy
In the rain Ryan packs the camping stuff away. 0:26
"Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams
Ryan wakes up to find Jen putting up the tent. Silver's mother passes away. 0:36

#11: "And Away They Go"

"We Float" by PJ Harvey
Adrianna wakes up and listens to Naomi's phone messages. 0:02
"Barely Insane" by Josh Fix
Naomi, Liam and Ivy ride in the elevator together. Awkward... 0:04
"The Junkie Song" by The Be Good Tanyas
On the roof Silver thanks Teddy for the flowers. They talk about funerals. 0:10
"Weight Of The World" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Ivy and Liam play pool. Teddy interrupts them kissing. 0:15
"Maneater" by Hall and Oates
Naomi and Silver check out her mother's clothes. 0:16
"Talking Hotel Arbat Blues" by Handsome Furs
At the races. Naomi and Jen visit their horse. 0:19
"Love's Lost Guarantee" by Rogue Wave
Annie and Jasper kiss in his car down at the beach. 0:24
"Let's Never Stop Falling In Love" by Pink Martini
Ivy tries to buy alcohol but gets asked for ID. Liam arrives. 0:25
"Bright As A Star" by Now On
Annie listens to her iPod until her dad pulls out the headphones. 0:37
"The Ruminant Band" by The Fruit Bats
Closing scenes. Annie and Dixon talk in his bedroom. Naomi calls and apologises to Annie. Navid remembers that he was pushed down the stairs. 0:38

#12: "Winter Wonderland"

"The Nutcracker, Op. 71: No. 2 March" by Tchaikovsky
In school ballet dancers dance and announce the winter wonderland dance. 0:00
"Eyes Wide Open" by Ragged School
1st song at the dance. Liam and Ivy arrive and Ryan apologises to Liam. Jasper and Annie arrive. 0:18
"TiK ToK" by Ke$ha
2nd song at the dance. The guys hang out bored. Silver and Naomi talk. 0:19
"You Don't Remember" by Nick Fowler
3rd song at the dance. Teddy asks Silver to dance. Teddy kisses Silver but she storms off and complains to Naomi about him. 0:21
"When The Time Is Right" by Griffin House
Annie and Jasper dance. Navid and Naomi watch. 0:24
"Desires" by Montell Jordan
Teddy introduces his sister to Dixon. Liam gives Ivy a snow cone and they talk. Ryan takes a bottle of vodka off Adrianna and tells her she can take off. Annie is grabbed by Dixon and led out the room to an intervention. 0:26
"Ain't Gonna Lose You" by Brett Dennen
Liam shows Naomi what's under his tarp. They kiss after talking. Ivy sits in her car and cries looking at photo's. 0:37

#13: "Rats and Heroes"

"Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall
After the catch-up, Naomi and Silver in the back of a car. Silver talks about reading War and Peace as Naomi texts Liam. Liam and Dixon leave the beach. 0:00
"Animal" by Miike Snow
Back at school Naomi and Silver arrive in the car. Adrianna says hello and they talk about St Barts. 0:05
"Mousetrap" by Odd Job
Ivy reads a comic outside as Naomi thanks her for sending her the text. Naomi gives her a purse. 0:10
"Out Of The Day" by Blue Judy
Annie sits outside alone as Silver and Naomi join her. They talk about the break and then about Jasper. 0:13
"Estranged" by Antonia
Naomi and Liam at a restaurant on the beach. 0:17
"Benefit Of The Doubt" by Pete Miser
Ivy and Liam talk about his date with Naomi. 0:21
"A Little More Love" by Taxi Doll
Naomi, Silver and Adrianna arrive at the beach club. Naomi explains that she's naked. Adrianna calls Gia on the phone and realises that she's at the party. 0:26
"Get to It" by KRAM
At the beach club Silver and Dixon talk about Naomi and Silver sees Teddy dancing with another girl. 0:33
"Nwahulwana" by Wazimbo and Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique
In Liam's basement Naomi drops her coat. 0:34
"Clementine" by Washington
Back at the beach club Gia talks to Adrianna. Adrianna kisses her to make her ex-girlfriend jealous. Dixon tells Silver that he likes her. 0:35

#14: "Girl Fight"

"Head Over Heels" by The Go-Go's
Opening scenes after the catch-up. The girls talk about Navid whilst shopping. They bump into Annie. 0:00
"Wish" by Paper Route
Dixon dreams about being at school and Silver wants to get back with him. 0:02
"Je T'aime Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg (Feat. Jane Birkin)
Jasper plays the music as Annie enters his romantic bedroom setting. 0:08
"Hearts Collide" by Sarah Solovay
Gia works on her computer as Adrianna enters. They talk about Navid. 0:12
"Big Girl" by 1 Two
Kids dance outside as Annie makes her way to her car. She finds a photo on the windscreen. 0:21
"The Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet
At the beach Naomi tries to get Liam's attention. She has a dig at Ivy as she goes past with her surfboard. 0:23
"Come On" by The Genders
At a bar Ryan meets a blonde woman, Laurel. 0:25
"Love Lost" by Men
2nd song in the bar as Laurel and Ryan talk. 0:29
"Strange Religion" by Mark Lanegan
Ryan and Laurel kiss in the car. 0:31
"Strange Religion" by Mark Lanegan
Liam arrives and kisses Naomi after her massage. 0:34
"My Sympathy" by Kurt Vile
Silver arrives at the tennis court and tells Teddy that she likes him. They kiss. 0:39

#15: "What's Past is Prologue"

"Counting Back To 1" by Beautiful Small Machines
Opening scenes. Whilst jogging Annie sees Jasper driving. 0:00
"Go Down Together" by Film School
At dinner Teddy, Silver gets annoyed by the attention Teddy gets from girls, including the waitress. 0:03
"I Want Your Sex" by George Michael
Teddy's ringtone when he gets a call from a girl. 0:03
"Jolene " by Dolly Parton
Adrianna sings along with the song as she rides in the car with Gia. 0:11
"School Days" by The Runaways
Navid and Lila laugh at Naomi's segment and Navid asks her out. 0:16
"This Thing Between Us" by Dan and Leland
Navid and Lila meet for their date. 0:24
"Soundtrack To You" by Antonia
Navid talks with Lila by the beach. They joke and he asks her on a 3rd date. 0:28
"Jolene " by Dolly Parton
Adrianna auditions for the band. 0:30
"Go On, Say It" by Blind Pilot
Silver, Naomi and Annie talk outside a cafe. 0:32

#16: "Clark Raving Mad"

"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and The Shondells
Opening scenes. Naomi and Liam kiss until some guy beeps his horn. Jasper talks to Annie. 0:00
"City Girl" by Stars Crashing Cars
Liam offers Annie a ride. 0:04
"Ride" by Kiss The Girl
Liam giving Annie a ride home, he turns down the music to talk to her. He sees his step dad kissing a woman. 0:05
"The Polaroid Song" by Darlin' Allo
At the tennis club Silver meets Teddy after his practice and asks if he can get over her jealousy. 0:11
"She Likes Girls" by Kiss The Girl
Adrianna arrives at school in her car to be met by Gia. She tells Adrianna she doesn't want to lose her friendship. 0:13
"Variety Pack" by Andree Belle
Silver and Teddy talk about sports at dinner and another of his exes arrives. 0:17
"Blood" by The Middle East
Liam talks to Naomi about his step-dad cheating and asks if he can sleep at hers tonight. 0:19
"Bluedreamdrops" by Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
At a restaurant Dana waits for Dixon. 0:24
"My Heart, My Life (Talvin Singh Remix)" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook
Debbie eats lunch with her yoga instructor. 0:24
"Eyes" by Rogue Wave
Dixon says goodbye to Dana. 0:37

#17: "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees"

"Scissor Tales" by Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers
Gia watches Adrianna iron in her bedroom. 0:06
"Soldier" by N.E.R.D. (Feat. Santigold)
At school Dixon misses the basket. Teddy agrees to put Dixon in touch with a bookie. 0:07
"Action/Reaction" by Choir Of Young Believers
Teddy and Silver sit down for dinner and Naomi and Liam arrive just after. They have a disagreement about the water. Dixon and Ivy arrive. 0:11
"Something In Common" by Free Energy
At school Dixon and Teddy talk about presents for Silver. 0:14
"Employee Of The Month" by The Anomalies
Liam drops Naomi off at therapy. 0:16
"Wooden Heart" by The Features
The band carries their instruments through the school and Adrianna tries to apologies to Gia. They hit a wall, literally. Dixox and Ivy pull up in the car. 0:18
"Dancehall" by Sean Bones
Dixon and Ivy join the rest of the guys at the concert. 0:19
"Super Edition Of You" by John Etkin-Bell & Marty Shtrubel
The band break out of the school and jump into the van. (instrumental) 0:20
"The Temporary Blues" by The Features
After the concert Silver tells Teddy that she hates the earrings. 0:30
"Gimme Some Motivation" by Delta Spirit
Outside school Ivy's mum calls her a square. They bump into Ryan. 0:38

#18: "Another Another Chance"

"Tell Me Now So I Know" by Holly Golightly
Adrianna and Laurel discuss music and recording contracts. 0:01
"Little Miss Walk On By" by Ragged School
Ryan and Laurel kiss in his car until Ivy bangs on the window. 0:03
"On My Own Again" by Preeta
Annie and Silver car shopping. 0:07
"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley and The Wailers
Dixon showing Ivy how to DJ. 0:13
"She's A Genius" by Jet
Annie and Silver back at the car lot dressed more older. They try to get a test drive alone. 0:14
"Your Mama" by Kennedy
Ryan and Laurel out on a date. Ryan spots Dixon on the decks. 0:25
"I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" by Nick Lowe
Laurel talks about Adrianna with other people. Adrianna seems distant so Laurel talks to her. Ivy arrives. 0:28
"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley and The Wailers
When Dixon sees Ivy he changes the song. 0:30
"The Love's Not There" by Amanda Stansky
Navid orders a coffee and sees Adrianna sitting alone. She explains that she's writing a song. 0:35

#19: "Multiple Choices"

"Dream City" by Free Energy
Naomi picks up trash outside school. 0:01
"As We Enter" by Nas & Damian Marley
Poker begins. 0:03
"A Perfect Tourniquet" by Anberlin
Teddy and Silver talk outside about college and tennis. 0:09
"Not An Animal" by Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside
Dixon and Ivy at dinner. Dixon is distant then gets a phone call. 0:10
"Love Seat" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Liam and his father eat pizza. 0:12
"Hang Me Up To Dry" by Cold War Kids
Dixon gets into school to find graffiti and damage everywhere. 0:14
"You Talk" by Babyshambles
At the tennis court, Silver apologises to Teddy. 0:25
"One Eye On The Door" by Helen Austin
Annie calls Liam but erases the message. Liam calls back. 0:34
"Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig
Naomi orders smoothies. Teddy tries to talk to Silver and she tells him that they're not ok. 0:36
"Eet" by Regina Spektor
SAT's begin. 0:39

#20: "Meet the Parent"

"Bread & Butter" by Hugo
Teddy talks about his father with Silver. 0:02
"Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot
Adrianna tells Navid about Javier and her the fact that she's writing the song. Adrianna talks to Silver about Navid as they walk through school. 0:08
"Understand" by Darrelle London
Naomi asks Jen what she wants. Jen tells her that she fell back in love with Olivier. 0:10
"Soul Of A Man" by Beck
Annie drops by to see Liam and turns the music off so he can hear her. He's sanding his boat. 0:13
"Soma Bora" by Iba Diabate
Laurel and Ryan have a drink at the bar in the beach club. Laurel gets a call and leaves to take it. Jen arrives and introduces Olivier. 0:15
"Go" by My Favorite Highway
At the pier Navid and Adrianna meet a drunk Ryan. 0:19
"Under Control" by Parachute
Adrianna and Navid have fun on the rides. 0:22
"All Of Your Things" by The Raah Project
Ivy and Dixon at home for dinner as his parents return. 0:26
"Infinity" by The XX
Liam works on his boat as Annie arrives and asks to help. Meanwhile, Dixon talks to Ivy about his family. 0:32
"One More Time" by Jessica Lowndes & Diego Boneta
Adrianna records a song with Javier. 0:39

#21: "Javianna"

"Fall Hard" by Shout Out Louds
As their walking down the street Navid rants about Javier to the guys. 0:00
"La Danseuse De Samba" by Alexandra Roos
On the beach Ivy invites Dixon to go to Australia. 0:03
"Bleed" by Hot Chelle Rae
Silver talks to Naomi about Teddy. Navid waits for Adrianna with a bunch of flowers but Javier turns up in a limo. 0:07
"Fade Away" by Diego Boneta
Javier sings to Adrianna at dinner. Teddy and Silver kiss. 0:11
"Damn Girl" by All-American Rejects
Naomi complains to Liam about being poor. 0:13
"One Small Step" by Parachute
Navid looks at pictures of Adrianna and Javier online. Adrianna arrives looking for Silver. 0:20
"Cold Dust Girl" by Hey Champ
Javier talks to Adrianna backstage until Naomi arrives. Out front Dixon arrives and Navid shows him Adrianna's present. 0:25
"Haven't Been Drinkin'" by Jessica Lowndes
Adrianna performs her 1st song live on stage. 0:27
"Stamp Of Love" by Jessica Lowndes
Adrianna performs her 2nd song on stage as Dixon and Silver make out in a cupboard. 0:33
"To Lose My Life" by White Lies
Liam calls Naomi in her car to talk but she decides to follow Jen instead. 0:38
"Slow Burn" by Marc Bonilla
Naomi bursts in to find Jen with her assistant. Jen tells her she's pregnant. 0:40

#22: "Confessions"

"Constellations" by Darwin Deez
At the doctors Jen gets her ultrasound. Naomi sees a paternity letter in Jen's bag. 0:01
"One More Time" by Jessica Lowndes & Diego Boneta
Adrianna and Javier dive into a limo after the concert. 0:03
"Billionaires" by Your Twenties
Dixon asks Ivy if she wants to go to the torch party. 0:04
"Cool Yourself" by Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
The science teacher talks about the universe. 0:06
"Breakin' The Chains Of Love" by Fitz and The Tantrums
Naomi jogs down the stairs then runs after Liam. 0:08
"Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner (Feat. Big Sean)
Naomi and Silver arrive at the party on Silver's scooter. 0:17
"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" by Beyonce
Outside the torch party Naomi sings the song to cheer Silver up. 0:18
"Jukebox Heroes" by Now On
Outside the torch party Naomi asks why Silver broke up with Teddy. Javier meets up with Adrianna. 0:18
"Feeling The Pull" by The Swell Season
Annie and Liam jump onto his boat and they set sail. 0:21
"Siempre Tu" by Diego Boneta
Javier performs live at the party. Naomi tells Silver to go talk to Teddy. She does and tells him that she loves him. Ryan talks to Laurel about becoming a father. 0:24
"The High Road" by Broken Bells
Torch passing. Naomi leaves. 0:26
"Little Ghost" by Elevator Fight
Back at school Naomi can't get her car started. 0:31
"July Flame" by Laura Veirs
Javier reiterates the offer of touring to Adrianna. Navid encourages her to go. 0:34
"Girl With One Eye" by Florence and The Machine
Ryan drives his car drunk and smashes the school sign. Liam leaves Annie at her house. Liam arrives at the dock to find his boat on fire. 0:37

Is the song you're looking for not listed here? Try asking in the comments below.


I'm looking for a song from the episode - Of Heartbreaks and Hotels. It starts when Naomi is waiting by the pool for Liam and it is in the beginning of the scene of the Valentines Party. I tried to get lyrics but all I could get were bits sung by a woman.

Here's what I got - 'I get a rush inside .. I think of you all the time .. feels like I'm flying at the speed of sound'

It'd be awesome if someone knew the song. (:
Quote Maylee's comment
Maylee at 09:03PM, 2nd Jan 2010
Hi Maylee,

I believe the song is "Not Coming Down" by Melissa Ritter, Guy Roche & Elizabeth Vidal

Unfortunately I can't find anywhere to listen to the song or buy it. From Google searching it looks as though the artists are session musicians so I doubt the song's been commercially released. May be worth emailing the show makers to ask?
Quote koven's comment
koven at 11:16PM, 2nd Jan 2010
I was wondering what the name of the band was in the one episode where Jasper takes Annie to the Beach house where everyone hangs out.
Quote No-name's comment
No-name at 09:45PM, 22nd Feb 2010
No-name wrote: #
I was wondering what the name of the band was in the one episode where Jasper takes Annie to the Beach house where everyone hangs out.

The Script?
Quote arch's comment
arch at 08:25PM, 8th Mar 2010
What is that song, right as they start playing poker in Season 2, episode 19.
Quote Emily's comment
Emily at 12:58AM, 4th May 2010
what is the song playing in last week's episode "meet the parents" when dixon and ivy were in his bedroom, male voice, slower song?
Quote et's comment
et at 02:52AM, 12th May 2010
i m lookin for the song with the lyric sayin "there's no soul in these line's so please if anyone knowz the song .....
Quote saiprasad mandlik's comment
saiprasad mandlik at 01:54PM, 16th Jun 2010
Hey...i heard this song...i dont know which episode or the songs name....the lyrics go sth like this...."cant get enough of what you do.....and drowning in your eyes so blue.....my clothes are stained in ur perfume....." i would really appreciate if somebody told me the songs name and from where i can download it.....thanks....
Quote pratick's comment
pratick at 07:33PM, 23rd Jun 2010
aderiana n javier sings a song on the episode 20 of season 2..what song is that?plz let me know i love that song
Quote misaki's comment
misaki at 08:00AM, 27th Jun 2010
pratick wrote: #
Hey...i heard this song...i dont know which episode or the songs name....the lyrics go sth like this...."cant get enough of what you do.....and drowning in your eyes so blue.....my clothes are stained in ur perfume....." i would really appreciate if somebody told me the songs name and from where i can download it.....thanks....

its fade away
by Diego Boneta
Quote misaki's comment
misaki at 08:21AM, 27th Jun 2010
Hey! This is really cool, thanks!!

I have a question, what is the song that Adrianna (and her band) sings in the concert, It's on the episode #17 "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees", the lyrics said something like: "I'm always in a rush...", and then "Cause you take me outside... na, na, na"

I hope U can help me, please! Thanks!!
Quote G-Lu's comment
G-Lu at 08:20AM, 3rd Oct 2010
Hey! This is really cool, thanks!!

I have a question, what is the song that Adrianna (and her band) sings in the concert, It's on the episode #17 "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees", the lyrics said something like: "I'm always in a rush...", and then "Cause you take me outside... na, na, na"

I hope U can help me, please! Thanks a lot!!
Quote G-Lu's comment
G-Lu at 08:22AM, 3rd Oct 2010
Please... could anyone tell me if in any episode the guys dance "does it really matter" by k'naan... They are in a party, i think at the beach club... please!!!!!
Quote america's comment
america at 03:08AM, 29th Oct 2010
hey:) does anyone know the songs for season three, episode 22 (the season finale - 'to the future!'), especially the song when annie goes to the port to find liam and they make up etc.thankyou!:)
Quote amy's comment
amy at 11:55PM, 28th May 2011
what song was playing at niomis 18th birthday party? first song of the party, episode 2 season 3
Quote annonymous's comment
annonymous at 10:43AM, 29th May 2011

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