Gossip Girl (2007)

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

Spoiler Warning! Scene info may contain spoilers. Read on at your peril.

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"Young Folks" by Pete Bjorn and John Opening scenes. Serena on the train and then walking through the station. Gossip girl narrates. Dan and Jenny meet their dad at the station. /0/
"If It's Lovin' That You Want" by Rihanna Blair's mum talks to her about the dress she's wearing at a party. Nate is asked about college but Blair pulls him away to a bedroom. /1/
"What Goes Around...Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake Serena steps out of a limosuine. Blair tells Nate that she loves him. Serena arrives at the party and talks to various people. She makes her excuses and leaves. /3/
"Diamond Hipster Boy" by Washington Social Club Jenny and Dan discuss their dad's coolness, Gossip Girl and a party as they eat breakfast. /7/
"Concerto in G" by Antonio Vivaldi & Brian Reitzell Dan runs to catch the bus. Chuck and Nate discuss Serena on the bus. /9/
"99%" by The Mooney Suzuki Dan helps his dad put some posters up for his band. Dan gets a text and leaves. /12/
"Bounce With Me" by Kreesha Turner Plays in the department store where Dan helps Jenny pick out her dress. Jenny gives Serena an invite to the party. /13/
"Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse Blair and Serena catch up at a bar. /16/
"Space For Rent" by Who Made Who Dan talks to Jenny about Serena as she makes a dress for the party. /18/
"Send You Back" by Matthew Dear Chuck talks to Serena at the bar. /19/
"Photograph" by Air Chuck talks to Serena in the kitchen. A flashback shows Serena and Nate kissing whilst Chuck watches. Nate tells Blair about it. Chuck tries to kiss Serena but she pushes him off. /21/
"Joyful Waltz" by Zdenek Bartak Dan tries to return Serena's mobile but the hotel staff give him a hard time. Serena uses Dan as an excuse for her mum. /26/
"Hang Me Up to Dry" by Cold War Kids Nate and Blair talk about their relationship in a restaurant. /28/
"Time Won't Let Me Go" by The Bravery Lillian talks with Rufus at the gallery. Jenny and Dan get ready for their engagements. /29/
"Hard to Live in the City" by Albert Hammond Jr. Blair, Chuck and friends ride in the limo to the party. Dan meets Serena in the hotel lobby. /32/
"The Way I Are" by Timbaland (Feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.) Blair and friends arrive at the party. Chuck notices Jenny and introduces himself. /33/
"Go" by Hanson Dan introduces Serena to his dad at the gig. /34/
"Don't Matter" by Akon Chuck and Jenny head for somewhere quiet where he kisses her. /35/
"Knock Knock" by Lyrics Born Back at the party Dan and Serena look for Jenny. Chuck forces himself on Jenny on the roof. /37/
"The Gift" by Angels & Airwaves Closing scenes. Plays at the party as Dan, Jenny and Serena leave. /40/

Episode 2 - The Wild Brunch

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Hit Me Up" by Gia Farrell The chefs prepare the food and drink for Chuck's dad's brunch. Gossip Girl narrates. /2/
"Stick With Me Kid" by The Broken Remotes Dan and Jenny discuss Chuck and the previous nights events in her bedroom. /3/
"Shut Up & Drive" by Rihanna Dan and Jenny rush out to their dad's protests. Nate tries to find out the van der Woodsen's room number. Serena calls Blair but she ignores her. Preview of what's to come. /9/
"When Did Your Heart Go Missing" by Rooney Serena tries, and fails, to find something she's looking for and talk with her Mum about the brunch, Blair and her brother. She jumps into a cab as Dan arrives. /10/
"The Ballad Of Gus & Sam" by Ferraby Lionheart Dan meets Serena outside the hotel and explains what happened last night. Serena's mum arrives. /21/
"Tell Me 'Bout It" by Joss Stone Scenes at the brunch. Dan and Serena arrive and regret the decision. /23/
"The Queen & I" by Gym Class Heroes Back at the brunch Nate catches Serena's eye and she leaves Dan. Chuck talks to his dad. Nate talks to an angry Serena and they arrange to meet. Blair talks to Nate's dad. Blair talks to Chuck about Serena and he gives her the key to his suite. /25/
"Shut Up & Drive" by Rihanna After they argue in Chuck's suite, Serena and Nate chase after Blair as she takes off. A little later Blair approaches Dan and is closely followed Serena and Nate and they discuss Nate and Serena meeting. Chuck adds to the melee. A little later again Gossip Girl narrates. /30/
"Believe" by The Bravery Gossip Girl narrates over the closing scenes. /36/

Episode 3 - Poison Ivy

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Glamorous" by Fergie Opening scenes. The gang get ready for Ivy week and arrive at school. The choir perform at the school for the students. /2/
"I Got It From My Mama" by will.i.am The girls play hockey and Blair and Serena argue. Blair gives Serena some physical hassle and Serena snaps. Gossip Girl narrates. /8/
"Can't Be Happening" by The Marlows Dan arrives home and ignores his family. He apologises to his dad and explains that he didn't get the usher position. /15/
"Raise Your Hand (Lifeblood Remix)" by The Lights Chuck follows Serena to the treatment centre and calls Blair to tell her. /17/
"I Feel It All" by Feist Rufus explains to Dan and Jenny that he has got Dan a position on the refreshment stand and that he will be providing the entertainment. /21/
"Dusk Till Dawn" by Ladyhawke Nate talks about a movie. Lillian and Eric meet some bloke. Jenny meets Eric. Dan talks Serena about Blair. /24/

Episode 4 - Bad News Blair

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Make It Bounce" by The Invisible Men Blair comes downstairs to see her mum talking to Serena. They all talk about fashion. /2/
"The Focus" by X5 (Feat. Mr. Tang) Chuck explains the rules of the lost weekend and Carter, an old schoolmate, arrives. /5/
"Tambourine" by Eve (Feat. Swizz Beatz) Carter explains what he's been doing for the last few years to Chuck and Nate. Carter tells Nate about a poker game. /8/
"Candy Store" by Miss Eighty 6 The girls show each other how to pose. Serena gets a call from Dan but Blair hijacks it. Dan asks her out. /10/
"Till The Sun Comes Up" by Miss Eighty 6 Chuck complains about Carter to Nate on the way to a basketball game. /13/
"Until You Can't" by Alana D Blair poses for the photographer but he isn't happy. Serena gives her some tips. /14/
"Bounce Back" by Early Earl (Feat. Miss Eighty 6) Chuck and the guys arrive at the start of the pub crawl. Chuck and Nate argue and Nate leaves. /18/
"Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston Blair and Serena steal the clothes from the photoshoot and stage their own. Narrated by Gossip Girl. /40/

Episode 5 - Dare Devil

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"There's A Pot Brewin'" by The Little Ones Blair oversees the preparations for her sleepover. Gossip Girl narrates. /1/
"Rockstar" by Prima J Jenny tries on clothes at Blair's house. Blair critiques the outfits and then suggests truth or dare. /12/
"Came To Dance" by Cadence Blaze Back at the sleepover the truth or dare game continues. Jenny gets a text from Eric but Blair intercepts it. /16/
"Jezebel" by Two Hours Traffic Dan beats a guy at pool in a bar and Serena challenges him to a game. /19/
"Whine Up" by Kat Deluna (Feat. Elephant Man) At the bar Jenny dares Blair to kiss some guy. Blair dares Jenny to call his girlfriend. /21/
"Deals" by All Wrong and The Plans Change Back at the pool table Dan beats Serena at pool. He agrees to teach her how to play. /22/
"Mama, I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne Still teaching Serena, Dan gets a call from his dad about Eric. /23/
"Get Ur Party On" by Zooland It all kicks off at the bar when the guy's girlfriend arrives, and so do Dan and Serena. Gossip Girl narrates. /25/
"Something Like That" by Tim McGraw Closing scenes. Dan and Serena kiss on the street. Lillian visits Eric in his bed. Jenny arrives back at the sleepover but tells Blair she's going home. Gossip Girl narrates. /35/

Episode 6 - The Handmaiden's Tale

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Kiss, Kiss" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs The masked party begins. Dan arrives and goes undercover to get in. Jenny and Vanessa also arrive. /20/
"Guess Who (parov stelar remix)" by Nekta Jenny wanders around the party. Dan sees Serena dancing with another man. /22/
"Take It To The Top" by 5 Alarm Music Vanessa asks for Jenny and goes to look for her. Chuck asks Jenny to dance without realising who she is. /23/
"A Taste" by Sofia J Back at the party Serena talks to her date but seems disinterested. Dan swoops in and takes her hand. Blair's friends talk to Nate. Jenny has some fun with Chuck. /26/
"Nasty Funky Crazy" by Becca Styles Dan explains why he's here and explains why he lied to Serena earlier. /28/
"Ring A Ling" by Miss Eighty 6 Dan tries to explain things to Vanessa and they argue. /29/
"Timebomb" by Beck Back at the party Jenny gets rid of Chuck's clothes and Serena asks her about Vanessa. Serena tells Nate to find Blair and Jenny rushes off. /34/
"Happy Ending" by Mika Closing scenes. Nate's mum questions him about the drugs. Dan talks to Jenny about the ball. Vanessa and Dan make up. /39/

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