Jericho (2006)

Music from Jericho the TV show

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

Spoiler Warning! Scene info may contain spoilers. Read on at your peril.

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"All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers Opening scenes. Jake rides a train, drives his car home. Song stops when he changes the radio station. /0/
"Better Days" by The Goo Goo Dolls Jake pulls up outside his house. He greets the dog and goes inside. He greets his family. /5/
"Run" by Snow Patrol Closing scenes. Emily finds the road is bumpy so she gets out and sees all the dead birds. /38/

Episode 2 - Fallout

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"Hold On" by David Lawrence and Joon Turtletaub Closing scenes. Hawkins plots the cities affected on his map. /39/

Episode 3 - Four Horsemen

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"Once in a Lifetime" by Keith Urban At the town BBQ. /39/
"Narcolepsy" by Third Eye Blind Closing scenes. Eric wakes up with Mary in bed. Dale finds the train. /42/

Episode 4 - Walls of Jericho

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Someone Must Get Hurt" by She Wants Revenge Skylar answers the door and invites Allison into the party. /22/
"Kevin is Gay" by Giant Drag Dale brings some stuff to Skylar's party and Lisa leaves. /23/
"Crushing Your Head" by Slot The police arrive at the party and turn the music off. /25/

Episode 5 - Federal Response

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Takin' Care of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive The jukebox plays briefly in the bar as the power comes back on. Jake turns it off. /3/
"Rewind" by Paolo Nutini Mimi talks to Mary in the bar about Eric. /27/

Episode 6 - 9:02

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Stardust Universe" by Jakob Dylan The whole town pitches in and helps Stanley harvest his corn crop. /36/

Episode 7 - Long Live the Mayor

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Ships" by Umbrellas Heather tells Jake how to drive the car. And then kisses him. /40/
"Older Chests" by Damien Rice Closing scenes. Mimi sits down with Stanley. Gail watches over Johnston in bed. Jake and Eric set out on the road. /42/

Episode 8 - Rogue River

No music added.

Episode 9 - Crossroads

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"For Granted" by Idaho Emily sizes up her wedding dress but is disturbed when Heather brings some flowers. /7/
"Polyester Bride" by Liz Phair Emily imagines her wedding day and this song is playing on the jukebox in the bar. Emily tells Heather to play the same song again. /25/

Episode 10 - Red Flag

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"World" by Five for Fighting Closing scenes. Hawkins shows his family what he's been doing. Bill turns on the lights for the town. Jake and family have dinner. Gracie is attacked. /39/

Episode 11 - Vox Populi

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Grand Opening" by Will Dailey In the bar Jake plays with the jukebox. Eric talks to Mary and kisses her. Emily talks to Jake and she tells him that Jonah has gone. /38/
"Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor The jukebox changes to this after Will Dailey. Jake asks Emily to dance. Eric shouts at Jake and they run outside. /40/

Episode 12 - The Day Before

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Santeria" by Sublime Jake talks to Freddie in the Bahamas next to the beach. /6/
"Starlight" by Muse Stanley talks to Mimi in the bar about corn. Mary calls Eric. /16/
"Nothing Left to Lose" by Mat Kearney Eric talks to Johnston in the bar about local politics. /23/
"Acquiesce" by Oasis Jake pulls Freddie aside, tells him what the cargo is and explains that the police are watching them. /24/
"Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor Jake and Emily dance in the bar until Eric rushes in. /36/

Episode 13 - Black Jack

No music added.

Episode 14 - Heart of Winter

No music added.

Episode 15 - Semper Fidelis

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Whichever Way The Wind Blows" by The Wilshires Mimi talks to Stanley in the bar about where they will live. /10/
"Echoes and Falls" by Senor Happy Emily welcomes Jake in the bar and Jake talks to a marine. /12/

Episode 16 - Winter's End

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Hold On to Nothing" by David Gray Eric sits at April's bedside as she passes away holding his hand. /33/
"Till Kingdom Come" by Coldplay Closing scenes. The guys get ready to leave for New Bern. Stanley tells Mimi he loves her. Eric says good-bye to Mary, his parents and Jake. /40/

Episode 17 - One Man's Terrorist

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Mad World" by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules Closing scenes. Roger says good-bye to Jake, the rest, and leaves town. Hawkins watches his family on his computer. The town listen to the radio in the bar. /38/

Episode 18 - A.K.A.

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Mechanical" by Diefenbach Hawkins has fun with his wife at a party in the past. /1/ Plays again near the end. /34/

Episode 19 - Casus Belli

No music added.

Episode 20 - One If by Land

No music added.

Episode 21 - Coalition of the Willing

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Times Like These" by Foo Fighters Closing scenes. Jake and Hawkins hand out the guns to the men. Stanley and his team prepare to defend the perimeter of the town. /42/

Episode 22 - Why We Fight

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Wonderful" by Everclear 6 years ago in Mary's bar. Emily, Stanley, Jake and his grand-father drink in the bar. Grandfather Green recounts a WW2 story. Gail talks to Jake and gives him a speech. /4/

Season 2

Episode 1 - Reconstruction

No music added.

Episode 2 - Condor

No music added.

Episode 3 - Jennings & Rall

No music added.

Episode 4 - Oversight

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"9 Crimes" by Damien Rice Closing scenes. Jake arrives at the Stanley farm to see Mimi on a stretcher and Stanley hugging a lifeless Bonnie. /42/

Episode 5 - Termination for Cause

No music added.

Episode 6 - Sedition

No music added.

Episode 7 - Patriots and Tyrants

No music added.

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