Reaper (2007)

Music from Reaper the TV show

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

Spoiler Warning! Scene info may contain spoilers. Read on at your peril.

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"Devil's Haircut" by Beck Sam wakes up, showers and gets ready for work. His parents wish him a happy birthday. /0/
"Take You Over" by Low Five Sam and Sock pull up outside work in the car. A dog jumps up at the car window. /2/
"Myth Takes" by !!! As Sam is driving home from work the devil appears on the back seat. He thinks he's being car jacked and then crashes. He arrives back home. /10/
"Into Your Dream" by Foreign Born Sam arrives at the bar for his birthday party. Sam pulls Sock into the bathroom. /13/
"On an Evening in Roma" by Dean Martin The devil cooks as Sam looks perplexed. He explains what Sam's job will be. /16/
"Devil In Me" by The 22-20s Sam and Sock get ready for the mission. They confront the escaped soul on the school roof. /32/
"Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups Sam and Sock eat the ham with Ben and the dogs. /39/

Episode 2 - Charged

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"3s & 7s" by Queens Of The Stone Age Sam's alarm wakes him up and he bangs his head on the vessel box. /0/
"Last Thing" by Richard Markman Sam and Sock talk in the car about the previous soul. /2/
"Come Get Your Ride" by Girls Love Shoes Sam and Sock run from the vessel box in the woods and then drive off to the Work Bench. /3/
"Watch Me Go" by The Dollyrots Sam loads a truck and puts the vessel box in. /4/
"Changes" by Spencer Tracy Sock smashes a chair outside. /8/
"Believe" by The Bravery Sam works in the garden centre and finds out he'll be working with Andi. The devil pushes a trolley into a car. /38/

Episode 3 - All Mine

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"New Day's Dawning" by Saturn Missiles Sam can't clean his teeth. /0/
"Perfect Crime #2" by The Decemberists At the bar the gang celebrate Andi's plans to go to college. /22/
"On a Neck, On a Spit" by Grizzly Bear Sam runs into college to find Andi. She tells him that she won't be going to college just yet. /36/

Episode 4 - Magic

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Because I'm Awesome" by The Dollyrots Sam gets ready to go to work but his keys disappear from his hand. /0/
"Lonely Pioneers" by Adam and Dave's Bloodline At the bar Sam, Sock and Ben discuss the soul. Ben's made friends with Winston. /20/
"El Microfono" by Mexican Institute Of Sound Sam walks to work. The devil passes and asks if he wants a ride. /23/
"My World" by Brian Buckley At the bar the devil and Sam talk. /36/
"Chinese Translation" by M Ward 2nd song in the bar. /38/

Episode 5 - What About Blob

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"The Underdog" by Spoon At The Work Bench Sam talks to Andi about karaoke. /0/
"Turn You Down" by The Dollyrots Ted searches his car for damage and Sam and Anid laugh at him. /6/
"Shim Sham" by Imperial Teen Sam leaves The Work Bench. Sam, Ben and Sock pull up to the sewer entrance in the car. Sock lifts the lid and they go down. /16/

Episode 6 - Leon

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Hello" by Black Bunny Sock pulls down his pants and helps Sam hand out flyers. /14/
"Talking, Talking" by New Young Pony Club At the bar the gang discuss the soul. Sock suggests that they ask Leon. /20/
"Next To Argyle" by Scissors For Lefty Closing scenes. In The Work Bench's car park the devil plays golf with pumpkins. He stops to talk to Sam. /39/

Episode 7 - Love, Bullets and Blacktop

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Radar Love" by Golden Earring Plays on the car radio with Sam, Sock and Ben in the car. It plays on every channel. Also plays in the bar. /0/
"Horny Pony" by Spektrum Sock puts a new song on the jukebox and dances. /1/
"The Superhero One" by D2 Music The guys join the girls at their table. Sam gets kissed by Taylor and she gives him her number. /2/
"Radar Love" by Golden Earring Plays from the smashed car's radio next to the train track. /9/
"Radar Love" by Golden Earring At the car club the guys play the song to get the souls' attention. A couple dance. /14/
"Step Up Baby" by Tommy Fields Sam, Sock and Ben at Russ's house. They take an interest in his sound equipment. /26/
"Radar Love" by Golden Earring Sam is threatened by the woman at Russ's house. He gives her the tape and she leaves. /28/
"Radar Love" by Golden Earring Sock and Ben sing the song to distract the soul. /36/
"Postcard" by Kelly Lamont The guys celebrate in the bar and leave Sam to talk to Taylor. /37/
"Turn" by Radigan Sam talks to Taylor in the bar and they end up kissing in a store room. Sam tells her it doesn't feel right. /38/
"Love Unknown" by Black Bunny Sam talks to the devil in the bar about Taylor. /39/
"I Wonder" by Brenda Lee The jukebox changes song and plays as the devil sits alone. /41/

Episode 8 - The Cop

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Poor Things" by The Boggs Opening scenes. The guys see Glady's from the DMV browsing The Work Bench. Sock follows her and jumps on the till. /0/
"Overdrive" by Third Grade Haters Sam and Sock enter the bar. Andi asks Sam if Greg is throwing her a surprise party. /16/

Episode 9 - Ashes to Ashes

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Beautiful People" by Alex Painter Sam arrives at Mimi's house to help her fix the dishwasher. /1/
"Tummy Tum Tum" by The Dollyrots The guys steal ashes from the people on the list by pretending to be selling carpet. /18/
"Caliente" by 2K Sam, Sock and Mimi arrive at Ben's family party. Sock dances with Mimi while Sam questions Ben's grandmother. /25/
"No Reason" by All Night Chemists Sam arrives at Mimi's house, she's having a sale. He meets her daughter Cady. /37/
"It's Over" by Earl Greyhound The guys discuss Cady and whether she's the devil's daughter. They empty the ashes into the water. /39/

Episode 10 - Cash Out

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Cold Hands" by Black Lips Sam meets Cady in a bar. They drink to Walter, her goldfish. The guys drop in while she's gone. /0/
"Nobody Wants U" by The Dollyrots Sam dances with Cady and apologises about Ben and Sock. /3/
"Top Of The World" by Kate Voegele In the hot tub. /21/
"About a Girl" by D2 Music Library In the bar Josie and Andi talk about Sock and Sam. /29/
"New York Summer" by Mink Sam meets the devil in the bar. Cady arrives. /37/
"Satellite" by Guster 2nd song in the bar as Sam and Cady talk. /39/

Episode 11 - Hungry for Fame

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"This Month, Day 10" by CSS Sock shoots Ben with an air rifle. Sock's mom arrives in a taxi. /0/
"I'm a Bitch to the Rock and Roll" by Jamie Kennedy As the devil talks to Sam on the pier, Ryan sings and plays his guitar in the background. /7/
"I'm a Bitch to the Rock and Roll" by Jamie Kennedy Ryan does a sound check at the arena. /19/
"Don't You Evah" by Spoon Cady arrives at the bar. Cady thanks Sam for the flowers and Sam apologises about the necklace. /24/
"Get Lucky" by New Young Pony Club Sam and Andi apologise to each other at the same time. Andi and Josie talk at a table. /27/
"I'm a Bitch to the Rock and Roll" by Jamie Kennedy Ryan performs live on stage. /30/

Episode 12 - Unseen

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"You Don't Stand A Chance" by Robbers On High Street Sock living in the Work Bench. He takes a shower and gets into his tent. /0/
"Oh Yeah" by The Subways Cady and Sam talk at the bowling alley. Sock and Ben arrive in costume and they start bowling. Cady happens to be very good at it. /2/
"Beatific Visions" by Brakes In the bar Josie and Andi talk about Sam and Cady. /12/
"I Don't Know A Thing" by Lucy Schwartz In a cafe Cady and Sam talk about their relationship. Cady tells him she needs to take some time on her own. /37/

Episode 13 - Acid Queen

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Tight Fit" by New Young Pony Club Sam ends up backstage at a fashion shoot. /10/
"Pretty Pictures" by Little Barrie The guys try to sneak out the flat without bumping into Steve and Tony, they don't manage it. They almost crash into each other in the car park. /11/
"Mouth Fulla Lovin'" by MDM The guys arrive at Seventeen Stye magazine and send a message to an employee to meet them in the break room. /13/
"What Chu Wanna Do?" by Mobonix The guys arrive at the Crush Lounge looking for Nicky. They try to get into VIP. /15/
"Sexy Beast" by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Sam wanders around VIP looking for the soul. /16/
"High Flying Bird" by Bent Scepters Sam meets the devil in the gay bar and he talks about Tony and Steve. Steve enters and they talk. /24/
"Waste My Life" by Love Arcade 2nd song in the gay bar. Sam still talking to Steve. /26/
"Fat Versus Slim" by Stephan M. Sechi The gang arrive at the Seattle Style party. /29/

Episode 14 - Rebellion

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Let's Stay Together" by Blindswitch Plays in the apartment as Sock unveils beers of the world. /1/
"I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes" by The Boy Least Likely To Sock talks to Josie in the car park and she gives her scarf to Ted. /5/
"Nasty Numbers" by Robbers On High Street Sam and the Devil have ice cream in the bar. They talk about Andi. /25/
"Squares" by That Handsome Devil Plays in the apartment as Sam tells Sock and Ben about the Devil. /30/
"Just Like Heaven" by The Watson Twins Plays in the apartment as Sam entertains Andi on the sofa. /31/

Episode 15 - Coming to Grips

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Hey Joe" by Joe Berry Opening scenes. Sam turns the music off. /0/
"Luisas" by Cibelle Sam prepares dinner for Andi until he's attacked. /0/
"The Way I Want To Be" by The Village Green Sam arrives at work to see Sock is back with Josie. /3/
"Onions Only" by The Civil Tones The Devil talks to Sam in the adult store. /14/
"Everything Is Going To Hell" by Ken Korade Plays in the apartment as Sam tells Ben and Sock about his deal. Sock and Sam are surprised that Sarah and Ben are married. /17/
"Everyone Wants To Know" by Imperial Teen Plays in the bar as the guys talk together. Ben talks to Sarah and Sam talks to Andi. /37/

Episode 16 - Greg Schmeg

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Paisley Pattern Ground" by The Black Hollies Andi and Sam make out in the car. Andi asks about souls, etc. /1/
"Goodbye Mr. A" by The Hoosiers The guys walk through the car park and discuss the attack by chainsaw guy last night. /3/
"Forever" by Gyrlfriend Cassidy complains to Ben about eating lunch in the cafeteria again. /6/
"The Good Life" by Five Times August In the bar Sam carries the beers to the table until he's whisked away by the devil. /16/
"Bad Luck" by Crater Face Plays in the bar as the Devil talks about Greg. /29/
"Fire/Sign" by The Gossip Plays in the bar as the Devil talks about Greg again and tells him to kill him. Sam gives him the get out of jail free card for Greg. /39/
"Closer To You" by Adam Merrin Closing scenes. Sam and Andi talk about Greg in the car. /41/

Episode 17 - The Leak

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"These Few Presidents" by Why? Opening scenes. Sock and Ben argue about cats. /0/
"To Each His Own" by What Made Milwaukee Famous Sam, Sock and Andi drive in the car to the club. Sock gets a call from Ben. /19/
"Descend" by New Young Pony Club Outside the club. Ben is drunk. /20/
"Comfort Eagle" by Cake Plays in the bar as the gang talk to Gladys. /26/

Episode 18 - Cancun

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Dirty Cop" by The Sleepers Outside the Work Bench Sock starts lifting stuff as Ben watches. /11/

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