The Shield (2002)

Music from The Shield the TV show

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"Just Another Day" by Vivian Ann Romero, Ernesto J. Bautista & Rodney Alejandro

Season 1

Episode 1 - "Pilot"

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"Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock During Closing Montage of The Strike Team and the Death of Terry Crowley (Reed Diamond).

Season 2

Episode 2 - "Dead Soldiers"

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"Cuentan Que El" by Whitehorse This is Armadillo's Theme. Played at the End of the Episode on Armadillo's radio as Vic assaults him and burns his face on the stove.

Episode 3 - "Partners"

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"Breakdown" by Tantric Start of the Episode as we see what happened at the end of Episode 2; Vic attacking Armadillo and burning his face on a stove.

Season 3

No music added.

Season 4

Episode 2 - "Grave"

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"Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys Played while Strike Team members Vic Mackey, Curtis Lemansky and Ronnie Gardocki along with Captain Monica Rawling attend former Assistant Police Chief Ben Gilroy's funeral. /0/

Episode 5 - "Tar Baby"

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"Hungry like the Wolf" by Duran Duran Played in Dutch's car as he sings to it, unaware that he's being recorded by The Strike Team.

Season 5

No music added.

Season 6

No music added.

Season 7

Episode 13 - "Family Meeting"

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"...Long Time Ago" by Concrete Blonde Played during the closing credits.

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