Weeds (2005)

Music from Weeds the TV show

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"Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds
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"Little Boxes" by Various (see individual episodes)

Season 1

Episode 1 - You Can't Miss the Bear

Spoiler Warning! Scene info may contain spoilers. Read on at your peril.

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"David" by Nellie McKay Doug puts on a CD in his car and smokes some weed through a pipe. He sings along to the song until Nancy taps on his window. They talk. /18/
"Singing In My Soul" by Fly My Pretties Nancy gets into the car with her sons and Quinn. Nancy and Quinn talk on the roof of the house. The phone rings and Shane answers it. He shouts up that it's Celia. /22/
"Don't Stop the Music" by Kava Kava Quinn shows Nancy Mr Wells in the jacuzzi with his toyboy. Nancy knocks on the door as the Josh jumps up and down on the bed. /24/
"With Arms Outstretched" by Rilo Kiley Nancy knocks on Conrad's door and bursts into tears as he answers. Celia watches the camera from the bear and has a drink. /29/
"A Doodlin Song" by Peggy Lee Closing scenes. Celia drinks her drink. End credits. /30/

Episode 2 - Free Goat

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Don't Bite the Dick" by David Allen Coe Celia meets Helen at the tennis club and they go to a bar to talk about Celia's husband. /24/
Closing scenes. Nancy watches home videos of Judah. End credits. /29/

Episode 3 - Good Shit Lollipop

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Ganja Babe" by Michael Franti Nancy arrives at the shop selling weed. The manager gives her a tour of the store. /4/
"Shakes of Hawaii" by Army Navy Silas talks to another guy at the party. He goes next door to see Megan spraying graffiti. /9/
"More Than a Friend" by All Too Much Megan looks at the graffiti and sits next to Silas against a wall. /22/
"I Can't Move" by Martin Creed Celia sits on the toilet then screams. /27/
"Babalawo" by Pasta Boys (Feat. Wunmi) Closing scenes. Nancy notices the lion thing walk past. End credits. /27/

Episode 4 - Fashion of the Christ

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"When We Were Young" by Calahan Andy enters Silas' room and he tells her about Megan. /5/
"Blood" by Sons and Daughters Megan and Silas have a drink and chat using text messages. Celia looks in the mirror. Nancy lies in bed. Andy sleeps. Celia draws on the mirror. /21/
"Coffee's Cold" by Abigail Washburn End credits. /24/

Episode 5 - Lude Awakening

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"The Laws Have Changed" by The New Pornographers Silas dumps Megan by text from his locker. /14/
"Wacky Tabacky" by NRBQ Andy drives a van and is pulled by a policeman on a bike. /18/
"If I Ever Leave the World Alive" by Flogging Molly End credits. /25/

Episode 6 - Dead in the Nethers

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"The Littlests Birds" by The Be Good Tanyas Opening scenes. Nancy dreams about her husband waking her up in the morning. /1/
"Now or Never" by Jack Drag Plays on Silas' computer as Megan enters his room. Andy catch them smoking pot. /9/
"Who Knows" by Marion Black Nancy leaves the bar and sees Celia and Conrad having sex. Andy gives his sponsor the same treatment. /20/
"Ballerina" by Leona Naess Closing scenes. Nancy watches a home video of her and Judah in bed. Continues into end credits. /24/

Episode 7 - Higher Education

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Work Song" by Dan Reeder Nancy leaves her new apprentice and he starts work. Andy seems bored. Nancy's walks with her new apprentice. /17/
"Step Away From The Cliff" by Blue-Eyed Son Celia's husband cooks and sits at the table. They all ignore the knocking from Celia's mum. /22/
"It's Going" by John Gold End credits. /25/

Episode 8 - The Punishment Light

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Cotton" by The Mountain Goats Andy tries to kill the rat. Celia swears at her husband. Andy and Doug make something in the kitchen and laugh at the TV. /12/
"Carino Mio" by Casolando The drug dealer watches Nancy then follows her in the car. /19/
"Cotton" by The Mountain Goats Nancy drives through the green lights. Continues into end credits. /24/

Episode 9 - The Punishment Lighter

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"I Will Be" by Moses Andy in the bakery comments that Nancy is late. She explains that they have no money and need the business to work. /15/
"Bleed" by The Negro Problem Nancy watches Silas through the window then drives home. /23/
"I Can Hurt People" by Noam Weinstein End credits. /25/

Episode 10 - The Godmother

Song/Artist Scene Info Listen/Buy
"Satan Lend Me a Dollar" by Hill of Beans End credits. /27/

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